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What Does An Employment Lawyer Do? 

What Does An Employment Lawyer Do? 

One of the most important parts of our lives is our job. It is the source of our income, where we will spend a good portion of our day and, hopefully, where we will stay for a long time. Suffice it to say that maintaining a good relationship with our boss and coworkers is essential for our well-being and prosperity in the workplace. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a stress-free job, and it is even worse when our rights are not respected. For that reason, finding a good employment lawyer Calgary is the first step to having your problems solved. 

To understand what an employment lawyer does, first, we need to understand what is an employment lawyer and how they differ from a labour lawyer. It is actually quite simple: the former refers to someone who gathers, as clients, people who are not unionized, while the latter represents the union’s interests. So if you are a worker with no support from a union and need legal help, you should be looking for an employment lawyer. 

Lawyers in Calgary usually specialise in either working for employers or employees, with few exceptions agreeing to take clients in both parties. Choosing to offer their services to only one of those groups is a smart move, as it builds expertise and helps a lawyer refine their arguments as well as the available tools to better represent their client’s interests and expectations. It is also good to create a trustworthy network of future clients, who will recommend the lawyer’s services to friends and family in the same positions. 

For workers, lawyers tend to be a lifesaver during litigation, mostly after a wrongful resignation from the workplace. After hearing and evaluating all of what happened to you during your time in a company, your lawyer will begin preparing the documentation to take it to court, but not before contacting your former boss. 

By doing so, your lawyer will try to settle things between you and your employer as smoothly as possible. They will negotiate about wages, notices and even damages to which you may be entitled. 

Of course, the employer will also be accompanied by a lawyer, and both of them will speak back and forth with their clients to reach an agreement regarding how much needs to be paid and how should the transaction go.

If the case goes to court, they will be the ones conducting the narrative and presenting all of the documentation to solidify their arguments, with both of their clients’ approval. Lawsuits take time, and it can be a lot of stress to deal with, so you must always maintain a good relationship with your lawyer.

An employment lawyer, however, does not act solely in litigation. There are plenty of administrative roles that they can perform, both for employers and employees. 

Part of the tasks a lawyer must perform include reviewing contracts between parties to point out flaws and make improvements on behalf of their client. If they feel like their client can be harmed by the terms of the contract, they will be able to negotiate and avoid further disagreements.

For employers, it is particularly interesting to have an attorney assisting your management. Conflicts and doubts surge on a daily basis, and it is best to think before you act, so you must always contact your lawyer before making decisions regarding your employers. 

Imagine you have a business, and an employee breaks an important piece of equipment. You may want to consult your lawyer to be sure whether you can retain part of their remuneration to cover the damages, or if your only option is to pay it yourself and give the worker a warning. 

On the other hand, if you are an employee and you have the suspicion that your boss has not been paying you properly, as well as overworking you, your best way out is to schedule a meeting with a lawyer to see what can be done for you. Matters such as harassment in the workplace can also be solved by an employment lawyer.

Regardless, employment law serves both parties. Work relations are a consensual agreement between adults, in which everyone has well-defined roles and expectations, and should not be taken lightly as conflicts emerge. 

Regardless if you are in a managing position or if you are an intern, you can benefit from the help of experts.

In Conclusion, And To Better Illustrate What An Employment Lawyer Can Do:

For Employers:

  • Review and write contracts and other paperwork 
  • Provide legal assistance and consultation 
  • Defend your company from lawsuits 

For Employees: 

  • Reassure you regarding the validity of your contracts 
  • Negotiate with your employer on your behalf 
  • Fight for your rights in court 

Do not skip the chance of hiring a good employment lawyer. Your livelihood and business depend on a well-balanced workplace, where everyone’s rights and duties are met, and you can only benefit from an expert guide.