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Benefits Of Giving CBD To Your Senior Dogs

Benefits Of Giving CBD To Your Senior Dogs

There are many aspects to taking care of a dog. When the dog is young, you might not need to take as much care of them as you would when they turn older. A senior dog demands more maintenance than a puppy. Senior dogs are prone to more health issues, and pet parents are often overwhelmed and do not know what they can do to comfort them.

Unless your dog is suffering from a chronic illness, many people often consider taking them off the traditional medication because they pose specific side effects.

CBD has many advantages for your senior dogs, and you can substitute the traditional medication with CBD to reap the benefits without any side effects. The cannabinoid in the CBD can target and boost the function of the dog’s ECS. A dog CBD product will only have less than 0.3% of THC content in the product to not induce any psychoactive response.

If you wish to know more, here are some ways CBD can help your senior dog.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is the ultimate cause of irritation in the body, and it can lead to many disorders. It causes general irritation or pain in some regions of the body. Inflammation can cause various diseases or even make the symptoms more alarming. For example, if your dog has arthritis, inflammation will make the sign worse.

Helpful in conditions like arthritis

Dogs suffer from arthritis. The bones and joints develop inflammation which can restrict your dog’s movement. This health issue causes a great deal of discomfort for the dogs to move as their bones get stiffer because of the inflammation.

Modern medicine has a lot of treatments for dogs with arthritis, but after a certain age, it becomes challenging to treat the condition to the full extent. Moreover, the pain caused by the ailment makes the twilight years of your dog quite uncomfortable.

So, introducing CBD into their diet can help deal with arthritis and inflammation because it targets the same metabolic pathways as traditional medicine does, but without all the side effects.

Since CBD is sourced from plants and the best product does not have any additives, it is completely safe for dogs to have the substance. However, ensure that you administer the accurate dosage to relieve pain and make it comfortable for your dog to move.

It can help treat the side effects of cancer

Cancer and its treatments can be complex on your senior dog, and it is a terminally ill disease. Even the side effects of cancer treatment can make your dog deal with pain. For example, therapies like chemotherapy are viable, but the side effects can often pose a new threat. Regular chemotherapy can lead to symptoms like dehydration, nausea, vomiting, etc.

You can not treat cancer by giving them CBD, but you can help your pet with the side effects and alleviate their pain. Administering CBD will make it easy for them to deal with the symptoms.

Provides restful sleep

Inadequate sleep can hamper the fitness of your senior dog. Your dog might not be getting the rest because of a disease, postoperative sickness, injury, or inflammation. If dogs have not been sleeping well for a long time because of pain, they can be frustrated and restless.

A proper dose of a full spectrum CBD will ensure that they sleep well throughout the night as it will work towards eliminating pain from the body. As your senior dog gets proper sleep, the functioning of its nervous and immune systems will improve.

Serves as a neuroprotectant

CBD oil can promote healthy cell function and the aging process as its anti-inflammatory properties benefit brain function. CBD can reduce the symptoms of neurological conditions and may even help prevent them altogether.

As per a research published in the National Library of Medicine, CBD can help prevent dementia in dogs and is the ideal substance to administer to improve declining cognitive function.

Stimulates Appetite

There is nothing better than consuming a healthy diet for a senior dog. However, as dog’s age, they lose their appetite. A senior dog’s diet is almost negligible compared to a senior dog’s diet. However, they need adequate energy to keep functioning. But diseases can reduce their appetite.

CBD has proven effective in stimulating their appetite as it makes the dog deal with the pain better. Once the dog starts to feel more comfortable, it will be able to eat more healthily.

Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is common in dogs, and any life-altering event or change in their environment may trigger their anxiety.

Once their anxiety is triggered, their energy levels dip, and they might become more lethargic. When your dog stops doing or responding to things they previously loved, you can consider it a sign of anxiety.

In the long run, the dog loses their appetite and motivation to indulge in play, and the chances are that it might stop responding to commands.

But, CBD has proven to reduce anxiety symptoms and help your senior dog calm down. On the other hand, if pain or inflammation triggers their anxiety, it can also be addressed with a dog CBD oil.

How to select the best CBD for your senior dogs?

There are various brands and products in the market for you to choose from. You must select the best quality CBD products for your senior dogs.

Here are some of the factors you must keep considering.

  1. Check the reviews of the products and the brand, as it will help you decide the quality of the dog CBD products.
  2. Ensure that you only buy full-spectrum products.
  3. Check whether the brand opted for COA or not. Any brand worth considering will be transparent about non-biased and third-party testing results. If you cannot find any data about the testing, you must not think of that brand.
  4. Read the label properly and check the potency of CBD in the product.

CBD is beneficial for your senior dog because it can help reduce inflammation and various diseases as well as manage their pain. If you opt for CBD oil, you can put one or two drops in their food twice a day.