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Stand Out From the Crowd With Tension Fabric Displays to Attract Attention

Stand Out From the Crowd With Tension Fabric Displays to Attract Attention

In this day and age, it can be tempting to try and fit in. However, following your path is far more rewarding than trying to be someone you’re not. Tension fabric displays are a great option to help you stand out. They are lightweight, easy to set up, and come in various shapes and sizes.

Adding Shelves

Tension fabric trade show display with shelves, wave tube displays, or fabric exhibition stands are lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble. They come in various shapes and sizes, from banner stands for smaller booths to dramatic towers and fabric tunnels. Adding shelves to your tension fabric display is a great way to draw attention and keep attendees engaged in your booth. The shelves can showcase product samples, handouts, or even your laptop or tablet to help educate visitors and promote your products or services. These portable, eye-catching displays feature high-quality dye sublimated fabric printed with your graphics that easily stretches over a sturdy aluminum frame, and zips closed. They are set up in minutes and are compact enough to fit into a small case for easy transportation between shows. You can add LED backlighting for a more dynamic look and a pop of color that attracts more attention. Choose straight or curved frames and print on one or two sides to achieve the exact design aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Adding Graphics

Tension fabric displays are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to attract attention. They’re also easy to add accessories to, allowing you to create a custom look that speaks to your brand. These displays are constructed of a lightweight aluminum tube frame and printed fabric that fits over it like a pillowcase. They’re available with a straight or curved frame and single or double-sided graphics. The graphics are printed using dye sublimation, making them durable and machine-washed if needed. They’re also less likely to get torn or creased than traditional trade show displays, and they’re significantly easier to store and pack for travel. The fabric can also be stretched to form various shapes, making it ideal for creating unique shapes for your exhibit. For example, you can use lighting to highlight a pathway that leads to a monitor where attendees can learn more about your product. This will help you grab the attention of potential customers and keep them engaged.

Adding a Podium

Tension fabric trade show displays are becoming increasingly popular, allowing exhibitors to attract attention with eye-popping graphics and imagery. They feature high-quality fabrics over aluminum frames and are simple to assemble and transport. Add a podium to get the most value from your tension fabric display. This unique booth accessory is a great way to highlight your product’s features and benefits and can also be used for demonstrations or to give attendees a closer look at how your product works. Use lighting to accentuate the graphics to make your tension fabric exhibit even more eye-catching. You can add LED backlighting, programmable lighting, light boxes, and more to make your exhibit stand out in a crowd.

Adding Lighting

A tension fabric display can easily be upgraded to include lights for added style and ambiance. Lights are available for all tension fabric displays and can be attached to the frame to create a stunning light-up backdrop that will attract attention to your booth from across the floor. Tension fabric displays are made by printing a digital color image onto stretch polyester fabric. The fabric is then shaped into a “pillowcase” shape that slides over the tubular frame and zips closed, creating a seamless graphic. They are lightweight, quickly set up without tools, and offer a modern look. You can use them as the main attraction of a more extensive exhibit or as a back wall or hanging sign in your smaller booth. They are wrinkle-free and hold rich colors. They also fold and roll up, making them lighter and easier to store than traditional banners. And because they don’t crease, they will look great for much longer than most other displays.