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Franchise Opportunities In The Middle East: A Guide For UK businesses To Expand Globally

A Detailed Guide On How To Avail Of Franchises In The Middle East

Foreign investments in the current economy can seem like a troubling prospect. However, some methods can deliver results with minimal risks. If you’re a UK business looking to expand globally, then franchising your business in the Middle East can be exactly what you need. Here’s what you can expect, and how the experts at The One World can help you out.

How Do We Help?

The One World is a comprehensive business consultancy that helps businesses within the UK expand in the Middle East. If you’re a local enterprise that wants to go international, Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE can expand your market and audience significantly. We can help you make the most of it by assisting you through the regulations and paperwork, while you focus on the more critical issues. You also obtain the following advantages.

Broad Network Reach


Due to our experience, we have increased our reach internationally to help you connect with the right people.




Our analysts can observe your requirements thoroughly and come up with a plan that best fits your budget.

Specialised Assistance


Whether day or night, our staff is ready to assist you through any obstacle with our 24/7 support helpline.

How UK Businesses Can Benefit From Middle East Franchises

You can obtain several advantages from franchise opportunities in the Middle East. A few prominent ones include the following.

  • Most of the countries in the region desire to diversify from their primary income of fossil fuels. Thus, they have introduced several economic reforms, such as Saudi Arabia mandating equal pay and working hours for both men and women, and Kuwait implementing a regulation that allows 100% foreign ownership of any business within its jurisdiction.
  • There is a vast educated workforce in most of the Middle Eastern countries. As such, it becomes convenient to find qualified people to understand and run your business franchise.
  • The banking system makes it convenient to trade financial resources overseas in the same currency as the owner’s country.
  • Countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman have significant reach through their strategic seaports, helping UK businesses expand further into Southeast Asia and North Africa.

Why Choose The One World?

With over two decades of experience in various industries, The One World has helped individuals and businesses navigate through challenging situations. If you’re a UK business looking to expand to the Middle East, franchising can help you learn the nuances of operation, and let you come up with an effective marketing plan that speaks to the local audience.

The One World can connect you with the right professionals, whether legal consultants or marketing associates, who can deliver a grand start to your franchise. You’ll be looking at multiple outlets and your profits going through the roof in no time. Connect with us for a consultation today!


What Are Some of the Most Profitable Middle East Franchises?

Ever since the relaxed regulations came into effect, several brands have opened franchises in countries like the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. A few that have achieved massive success in recent years include the following.

  • Starbucks
  • Tesla
  • UPS Store
  • McDonald’s
  • Anytime Fitness
  • 7-Eleven
  • Papa John’s
  • Toyota
  • Mac Tools

Is It OK for SMEs To Open Franchises In the Middle East?

Yes. SMEs typically don’t have enough resources to expand substantially or consolidate any businesses under their wing. Franchising is an excellent alternative, especially if they’re looking to capitalise on the various business regulations recently adopted by countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. A few notable advantages include the following.

  • Franchising makes the enterprise less liable for the regular operations of any outlet. That responsibility goes to the franchisee without hurting your bottom line.
  • It lets SMEs test the conditions and product demand before investing substantial resources or taking up loans.
  • SMEs can rake the advantage of numerous startup-promoting initiatives within the Middle East, many of whom are often funded by known venture capitalists and the royal families that reside within the country.