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When Did Wearing Glasses Become a Fashion Thing

When Did Wearing Glasses Become a Fashion Thing?

Once upon a time, people wore eyeglasses just when they needed to correct their vision. Oftentimes, those men, women, or even kids in schools who wore prescription frames were considered nerdy or geeky. Nowadays, optical glasses have become stylish and eye-catching accessories to complete any outfit perfectly. Even people with great vision wear non-prescription frames just to look cooler or smarter. So, when did wearing glasses become a fashion thing?  

When Did People Start Wearing Eyeglasses?

Glasses were first worn in the 13th century, but initially, Romans discovered the ability to use glass for reading texts. Of course, the first optical spectacles were quite simple and their lenses were held in a frame made from leather or wood. People usually wore these glasses on the end of their noses or just held them in front of their eyes.

Over years and centuries, eyeglasses got improved with new technologies and innovations, and finally, they featured a notable invention being “over-the-ear” spectacles. Today, every person can find a wide array of styles, colors, and shapes to choose the needed prescription glasses to correct vision or just for fashion.

Glasses as a Fashion Accessory

Of course, many people wear eyeglasses mostly for correct vision, but today, they are introduced on catwalks in various fashion shows as stylish and impressive accessories. Frames with clear lenses without prescription are becoming very popular lately as an extraordinary addition to any trendy look.

People follow celebrities when they wear any new accessories that come into fashion, so when modern and fashion-forward women see Rhianna, Kardashians, or Madonna wearing eye-catching eyewear, they usually want to get the same accessories. So, wearing non-prescription glasses became a trend in our times when people want to buy frames to suit their wardrobes just to look cool.

For example, a supermodel Helena Christensen said she doesn’t wear prescription glasses but she likes to wear fashionable glasses with clear lenses because they help her to look more interesting, attractive, and even a bit smarter and cooler. Nowadays, people who wear glasses are not considered nerdy but on the contrary, they can emphasize their new fashionable status with a new pair of stylish frames.

How to Select the Right Pair of Glasses?

If you are looking for non-prescription glasses to complete your fashionable look with a stylish accessory, it’s possible to find a great selection of hot frames to choose from. Nowadays, any person can make their choice from thousands of impressive pairs of both prescription and non-prescription frames designed by top-rated eyewear companies, including impressive and iconic frames from Oliver Peoples. Of course, when you are looking for a pair of eyeglasses, there are many things to consider because not every frame suits every face. So, knowing your face shape is important to get a nice-looking accessory. For example, people with oval faces should get a pair of wayfarer glasses or aviators, while round faces require rectangular or oval frames.

Feminine styles, including butterfly and cat-eye shapes, are extremely popular among contemporary ladies who want to emphasize their elegance and add a touch of sophistication to their trendy looks. These glasses can be worn with both formal and casual styles perfectly. Nowadays, with a huge choice of various prescription and non-prescription glasses, anyone can select the right frame or even get several stylish eyeglasses to complete different outfits.

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