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Blockchain Ark

Noah’s Blockchain Ark Preserving a Record of Ukraine Conflict

Russia did not go easy on Ukraine, and it became quite evident when the mammoth of a country didn’t even spare Ukrainian hospitals. International media was quick enough to report on the atrocities that are currently being perpetrated by Russia, and it has led to some severe repercussions. The aftermath of Russia’s attacks looked way more discouraging and appalling than anyone could have ever anticipated. The war did not just cost the lives of innocent people, but it also claimed the ability of the survivors to sustain themselves. One good thing that happened out of it all was that the donations from all around the world saved the day for Ukraine. It provided them with a much-coveted ability to make it through another day.

Bitcoin acts as a safe haven almost every time any adversity strikes 

Bitcoin played an essential as far as donations are concerned. The popularity of this cryptocurrency is for a reason, and desperate times like this display that how much of a deep impact can a digital asset have. The war has brought forth a lot of new changes as far as digital platforms are concerned. The Metaverse tokens are also being used to stave off bleak days in the country. Ukraine never asked for any war; rather, its constant to Russia to put an end to the war is apparently falling on deaf ears. Oil Profit will highlight some of such incidents that have not only shook Ukraine but the entire world except Russia & North Korea. The conflicts between the countries don’t seem to come to an end which is a red flag for the entire crypto industry. To know more you can click the image given below

Noah’s ark

What is Noah’s ark exactly, and why does it hold so much relevance? 

The Russian assault will not end anytime soon as Russia aims to wipe out the culture of Ukraine from the face of the earth. It might sound a little dramatic, but it is a harsh reality that people are now beginning to take seriously. The term “Noah’s Ark” comes from the Holy Bible when the almighty God instructed his disciple Noah to build an ark before God sent the flood on earth that will consume everything that is in it.

Noah obeyed the instructions of God and did exactly what God told him to do, which helped him to preserve himself and the family thereof. Similarly, platforms are being created which will store the important and indispensable Ukrainian documents so that future historians & researchers can study the Ukrainian culture. Noah was successful in his endeavors because God himself was helping Noah to bring the plan to fruition. Now, the scenario seems similar in the case of Ukraine if you look closely.

Increasing reliance on digital platforms to secure data must be reconsidered

Digital platforms are being viewed as perfect preservation mediums which will later be accessed by people in the future. An unlimited amount of important data is being stored digitally so that it does not fall into the hands of Russia. As much as 6.5 million worth of information is being constantly put into the digital domain to preserve the values that Ukraine stands for. Such digital software is playing a pivotal role in making the most of the technology. Just a week ago, the amount of information crossed 1,00,000 separate entries, which displays the level at which vital pieces of information are being stored. Hence, the digital platforms are not protecting a humongous amount of data which is worth 50 terabytes.

Now, it is great to preserve the information, and Ukraine has done an impeccable job at doing so. Now, there is only one threat that needs to be dealt with, and it comes in the form of reliability on such software and digital platforms. Because, at the end of the day, it is just a bunch of software that is so easy to infiltrate, and the sensitive information gets hacked in no time. Therefore, Ukraine needs to channel a significant amount of effort to prevent such unfortunate events from occurring.

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