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Working From Home

Tech Tips for Working From Home

The benefits of working from home are not likely to include readily available tech support, especially if you are a freelancer, and computer issues can derail work or even cause you to miss out on opportunities. You can minimize tech issues you are likely to face and help get you back to work faster.

Have a Contingency Plan

Find technical support like AnyTech365 or a trusted question-and-answer forum before you have a problem. Knowing who to go to with an issue is sometimes the most challenging part of resolving it, so having a list of phone numbers to start with can save you from searching for help during an emergency. Tech support phone numbers stored on your computer will do you little good if your computer is having issues, so keep your contingency information in multiple places. For instance, you can save to your computer hard drive, to your cloud storage and have a physical copy of important documents. Ensure your plan includes data backup spots to access critical information if one source is compromised.

Brush Up on Cyber Security

Cyber security concepts and tools such as multifactor authentication can help you minimize your risk of a data breach, downloading a virus or encountering ransomware. Be sure to only sign in to HTTPS sites, which have higher security than other URLs. When you check your business email, watch out for phishing attacks, be hesitant about email links, and always check sender email addresses before clicking or downloading anything. It is common for phishing schemes to use information as similar as possible to the real thing, so watch for “spelling errors” in the address or name. For additional security, you can use a VPN to disguise where you are located when online.

Dedicate Your Computer for Work

Do not let family on your work computer, use it for personal web searches or emails, and do not use it for playing games. The more non-work related tasks you use your work device for, the easier it will be for a data breach, hardware malfunction or software glitch to destroy months of hard work or even require you to get a new device. It is also important to periodically update, restart and clean out the computer so that it runs as efficiently as possible and find security issues to be fixed by the software developers.

Invest in Your Setup

Get upgraded audio and video equipment for virtual calls; those in the meetings with you will be grateful. Also, upgrade your wifi for a better connection and remember how many people will be using your bandwidth. It might be an excellent investment to get a second wifi connection for work purposes. Buy a bigger or additional screen if needed for productivity, and do not be afraid to invest in a docking station for your work laptop if a desktop system works better for you.

Working from home means working on your own, which can be both a blessing and a curse. While you do not have to worry about a long commute or a strict dress code, you will no longer have on-site tech support if something goes wrong. Some tips to minimize tech issues include brushing up on cyber security, investing in system upgrades and dedicating your work device to working.

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