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Numbers in Words

We utilize the properties of mathematics as a basis for making various decisions in our daily lives from time to time. Math has made our lives easier in every way. With the incorporation of numbers in our daily life, we can do each and every task smoothly like shopping, working in the office, calculating expenses, and much more. Numbers in our day-to-day life can be expressed in figures as well as words. In simpler words, numbers in words are when the number is expressed with the help of alphabets from the English Language. For example, the number 20 can be written as ‘twenty’ in words, similarly, 1000 can be written as ‘one thousand’, and much more.

This article will discuss how we can write numbers in words easily.

Steps to Write Numbers in Words

Before you understand how you can write numbers in words, you need to understand the meaning of the term place-value. In simpler terms, place value refers to the value of the digit in a given number with reference to the entire number system. The place value of numbers in the number system ranges from:

  • Ones
  • Tens
  • Hundreds
  • Thousands
  • Lakhs
  • Ten-Lakhs
  • One Crore
  • Ten-Crore, and much more.

For example, the place value of 2 in 429 is two tens or twenty. Similarly, the place value of 9 in 9210 is nine thousand.

Considering the above, let us learn the steps to write numbers in words.

First, let’s consider the place value of one’s, the rightmost digit in the number. Here digits from 0 to 9 can be fitted. These numbers can be written in words as:

  • 0 can be written as zero.
  • 1 can be written as one.
  • 2 can be written as two.
  • 3 can be written as three
  • 4 can be written as four
  • 5 can be written as five
  • 6 can be written as six
  • 7 can be written as seven
  • 8 can be written as eight
  • 9 can be written as nine

Second, let’s consider the place value of tens, the second number from the right in any number. However, 10 is the lowest number which can be incorporated in the tens place. Other numbers in the tens place can be written in words as:

  • 11 can be written as eleven.
  • 12 can be written as twelve.
  • 13 can be written as thirteen.
  • 14 can be written as fourteen.
  • 15 can be written as fifteen.
  • 16 can be written as sixteen.
  • 17 can be written as seventeen.
  • 18 can be written as eighteen.
  • 19 can be written as nineteen.

Furthermore, numbers after 20 (twenty) can be written as:

  • 30 can be written as thirty.
  • 40 can be written as forty.
  • 50 can be written as fifty.
  • 60 can be written as sixty.
  • 70 can be written as seventy.
  • 80 can be written as eighty.
  • 90 can be written as ninety.

For example, we want to write the number 45 in words. This number can be written as forty-five. In this example, 4 is in the tens place which is written as forty, and 5 is in the ones place which is written as five. The same format is followed for all numbers. In another example of 10,000, you can write it as ten thousand.

In simpler words, the prior number is linked with the above-mentioned words and is written as an alignment with numbers ranging from one to nine.


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