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5 Tips For Making Outstanding Instagram Stories for Your Fashion Business

For a Fashion Business, Instagram is one of the best marketing platforms that provides access to millions of users interested in this niche. Instagram offers a wide range of marketing features to promote your brand online. One of them is Instagram Stories, which offers total creative freedom.

Instagram Stories are engaging, addictive and the best means to improve audience interaction. So, if you are looking to promote your fashion business, use Instagram Stories to increase engagement and gain more Instagram followers. Hop into this article to explore the five most outstanding ways to create Impactful Instagram Stories that’ll skyrocket your brand awareness and improve conversions. Have a look!

1. Instagram Stories is All about Exclusive Content

The best part about Instagram Stories is that it lasts for 24 hours only unless you save them to Instagram Highlights. This provides every creator/brand the opportunity to share exclusive news with their followers without having to post the main content on the feed. Here, you can post short videos, exclusive product images, announcements, brand sales, discount offers, and more. This is a great way to increase engagement and gain more Instagram followers for your profile.

Instagram stories are also an incredible way to test the long-term sustainability of a piece of content. For example, when you post exclusive content on Instagram stories and receive positive engagement, you can get an idea of whether to upload the content on the main feed.

2. Share Behind the Scenes

Another outstanding way to make relatable Instagram Stories is to share behind the scenes of your business. People enjoy watching authentic content on Instagram. They connect well with brands that are transparent about their business. Therefore, providing a sneak peek behind the scenes will help your audience know more about your brand values.

Use Instagram Stories to show how the products are made, interview your employees to reflect the work culture, and share a sneak-peek into the packaging of products. Additionally, you can share short videos with your teammates, share your brand story, personal struggles, and more to build brand authenticity and a loyal customer base.

3. Show Product Teasers

Instagram Stories is the best place to launch a product teaser, especially if you have a fashion brand. This helps in generating excitement among the target audience.

Moreover, it increases engagement and helps you gain more Instagram followers. Post multiple mini teasers of your products overtime to keep your followers hooked to your Stories. Make sure that the teaser is visually attractive.

An additional tip to increase engagement is to combine product teasers with influencer marketing. Collaborate with top influencers in the fashion niche and post their reviews on Instagram Stories.

4. Publish User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content is typically a post created by your followers, mentioning your brand name. Posting user-generated content puts your audience in the spotlight while improving brand awareness. It encourages your followers to participate more in such challenges where they can create content using your products. This strategy is incredible in improving brand loyalty and popularity among the target audience across the platform.

5. Conduct Interactive Polls

The best part about Instagram Stories is that it offers a plenitude of interactive stickers and filters to increase engagement rate. These stickers are very easy to use and keep your audience hooked for a long time. Conduct polls to receive audience feedback about your products. Use Q/A stickers to encourage your followers to ask anything about your brand. This will not only help you understand their views but also help you create better products that most people will buy in the future.


Instagram Stories play a crucial role in brand marketing. The above five tips offer incredible insights on how to create outstanding Instagram Stories to promote your fashion brand. Follow these tips to build brand authenticity and gain more Instagram followers. Change the way you use Instagram Stories to create a tremendous impact on your audience.

Incorporate Instagram stickers to make your story interactive and valuable. Solve problems and get feedback about your products in real-time. The more engaging your Instagram Stories are, the more loyal your customers will be to your brand. So, don’t shy away from using this amazing tool to increase conversions and become popular on Instagram.

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