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Baby Registry Items

Top Winter Baby Registry Items for Busy Parents

Winter is a magical time for children, but it can be a stressful one for parents. While snowballs, sledding, and ice skating are memorable parts of childhood, parents are often at a loss as to how to protect their littlest ones on the coldest days.

When the mercury drops below freezing, you will need to take some extra steps to keep your baby safe, warm, and comfortable. With these popular winter baby registry items, you’ll have everything needed to keep the baby happy and healthy all season long.


Bodysuits, such as those from Onesies®, take the first spot on our list of winter baby registry essentials—and for a very good reason. These snap-in, easy-on garments are versatile, comfortable, and cute, but they make quick diaper changes easier for parents.

During winter, long-sleeve bodysuits make a great base layer for little ones. Pair one with a warm pair of pants on indoor days, and layer them on for a comfortable and warm outdoor stroll. Solid color bodysuits look great under other layers and are easy to mix and match.

Cozy and Warm Pants

Because most bodysuits for babies are thin, you may need to add a layer or two. For additional coverage and warmth, a pair of pants will complete baby’s outfit. Look for stretchy pants with elastic waistbands, which are designed to move with the baby as he or she learns to wiggle and crawl. Add at least five pairs to the registry, with a focus on pairs that mix and match with the bodysuits you’ve picked.

Light Cardigans and Jackets

Nothing is cuter than a little one in a tiny sweater or jacket. Use winter weather to baby’s advantage by choosing some adorable cardigans, hoodies, and jackets. If it isn’t too cold, a warm sweater may be enough for a quick trip outdoors. Otherwise, baby can wear them inside on cold days.

To minimize the risk of overheating, ensure that baby’s sweaters and jackets aren’t too heavy or thick. When making a baby registry, add lightweight cardigans and jackets that work well for winter, spring, and fall.


While socks are a registry must-have in every season, they’re particularly important during winter. According to doctors, babies cannot regulate their body temperature like adults can. Covering baby’s feet with cute, warm, and fuzzy socks is an easy way to keep them comfortable and warm on cold days. Start with a multipack of socks and be prepared to buy more.

Baby Booties

Are you planning to take baby out and about during winter? Add a couple of pairs of warm booties to the registry. While babies do not need shoes until they start walking, soft booties will keep their feet warm while you’re running errands and visiting family. When choosing cold-weather booties, look for fleece pairs with adjustable straps that keep them snugly in place.


Mittens are a popular registry item in winter, but they’re great for spring and summer mamas, too. They’re not just incredibly adorable on tiny little hands; they can protect baby’s delicate skin, too.

Baby mittens prevent little ones’ hands from becoming chilled. Infants should sleep with hands covered for additional protection and warmth. As baby gets older, use mittens to keep their hands warm when outdoors.

Keep Baby Warm All Winter

Getting ready for baby’s arrival is a lot of work, no matter the season. If you’re expecting a wintertime bundle of joy, though, it’s important to consider which registry essentials you’ll need to keep your little one warm, comfortable, and safe during the season. While this list isn’t comprehensive, it provides a good starting point for new and experienced parents. Add these items to your shopping list—or put them on a baby shower registry—and get ready for your new arrival!