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Paper Products

Different Types of Paper Products

Until a few decades ago, most businesses used paper extensively for keeping records. Paper is also used for various other applications like packaging and cleaning. Since the basic raw material for all the paper products is the same, most of the top paper manufacturers are manufacturing a wide range of paper products. Asia Pulp & Paper is widely considered to be the largest manufacturer of paper, and pulp products worldwide with factories in Indonesia and China. Details of the Asia pulp and paper product range are provided along with the applications and demand for the paper products for reference. The three main paper product categories are writing and printing paper, tissue paper and packaging material.

Different Types of Paper Products

Printing paper

Originally most of the demand for paper was writing papers for educational and commercial applications. In addition, to lose sheets, the paper was converted into books, notepads, diaries and other similar products, so that people could take notes, and keep records. Though small businesses especially in Asia continue to find that paper books are the most convenient way of keeping records, most larger businesses are storing their records digitally using computers and other electronic gadgets. However, the business information is often printed on paper, since everyone, especially vendors and customers may not be able to access the digital records. Usually, A4-size bond paper is used for taking printouts of business records. Additionally, paper is also used extensively for making photocopies of important documents and printing books, marketing brochures and records. One of the major considerations when choosing paper is the quality of the paper, high-quality paper does not change its colour and does not degrade quickly

Tissue paper

Tissue paper and toilet paper are other major categories of paper products. Tissue paper is widely used for cleaning since it is soft and absorbent, especially in restaurants, parties and other events. It is also very convenient for cleaning if there are babies, small children and senior citizens since it can be easily disposed of after it is used. It is also biodegradable. Toilet paper is also used extensively in toilets for cleaning and is slightly thicker than tissue paper. Tissue paper is usually supplied in sheets, while toilet paper is sold in rolls.

Packaging material

Different Types of Paper Products

Most paper manufacturing companies worldwide have found that the demand for paper packaging materials has increased rapidly in the last decade, due to a major increase in eCommerce, and online shopping. In many countries, people are ordering a large number of products online, since it is very convenient and the prices are lower. Also, they are ordering delivery of food and beverages to their home. This has increased the demand for high-quality packaging at affordable rates. Many of the products sold online are fragile and can get damaged during shipping or while they are being transported to the address specified by the customer. Hence the paper companies are working closely with the e-commerce companies, and online stores to develop innovative packaging products which will prevent damage to the products sold online. Additionally, many companies are interested in replacing plastic packaging with paper packaging, since the paper is recyclable and biodegradable.