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Relocating To California

Is Relocating To California The Right Move For You?

As one of the United States’ most popular destinations, California has it all. The surf culture is legendary, the wine country is stunning and you’ll find some of the world’s most awe-inspiring national parks. Set on the western seaboard next to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, it is one of the country’s largest and most populated states. Nearly 40 million people make up the diverse population here, from retirees to young professionals. Whether you are hoping to enjoy warmer weather year-round, find new business opportunities or get closer to nature, there are endless reasons to set up home in California.

North and South California have a different vibe

When you’re trying to narrow down a list of possible new homes, choosing between NorCal and SoCal can be a good place to start. The north is cooler and wetter, whilst the south is sunny almost all year round. North California is known for its tech center, Silicon Valley, and also the cultural mecca that is San Francisco. In the south, Los Angeles and Hollywood in particular are a draw for celebrities and sun worshippers. There are excellent opportunities on both sides of the state, so adventures await whichever you choose.

A nature lover’s paradise

California has more national parks to explore than any other state, each of which are home to a huge range of wildlife. Whether you want to discover more on foot, by cycle or in an RV, the great outdoors is right on your doorstep. Go stargazing in the Joshua Tree National Park, cool your feet in the waterfalls of Yosemite or enjoy the beaches of Point Reyes National Seashore, you really are spoilt for choice.

Expect warm sunny days, all year round

Sun-worshippers will feel right at home in California. The climate is decidedly balmy with long summers, dry weather and gently cool winters. Temperatures vary across the length of the state, but in the hottest southern regions, there are no freezes and 70 degrees is an average daily measurement. All that heat has caused problems for water conservation, but this is an innovative state and initiatives like the Cadiz Water Project are planning to change all that. By preventing freshwater from evaporating and by piping it into areas of need, they hope to introduce a new supply that will be available to 400,000 people annually.

World-class educational opportunities

Gaining a qualification for yourself or giving your children access to an excellent education is another reason to move here. The state is packed with well-rated schools, colleges and universities. In fact, the California State University System is the country’s largest, with nearly 300 universities and colleges on offer. At the 125-year-old Stanford University, students learn in the vibrant bay area of San Francisco. They can specialize in anything from business to engineering and law. Alternatively, you might want to consider the largest public university in the state, the University of California, in Berkeley. Here there are more than 300 different types of degree, along with numerous student organizations and sports, resulting in a fun but hectic campus life.

Allow your inner sommelier to flourish

Many vineyard owners, winemakers and tasting professionals call California home. There are over 1200 wineries, making it one of the world’s largest wine-producing regions. After being introduced by Spanish missionaries in the 17th century, the production of wine has grown to become a thriving industry. The warm climate of Napa Valley makes it ideal for growing grapes and with 600 wineries, it’s a destination for wine drinkers from across the globe. Wherever you choose to settle, there are likely to be a few wineries and tasting the local produce is a great way of learning more about your new home.

Being environmentally friendly is a way of life

In Southern California, endless fields of solar panels demonstrated the local commitment to green living. Along with solar farms, the state has created numerous wind turbines to provide its citizens with a reliable source of renewable power for generations to come. Most people here have homes that are supplied, to some degree, from a sustainable source. As a resident, you’ll also be given access to various grants and incentives if you plan to install your own solar panels. To cut their carbon footprint, locals tend to eat seasonal foods produced in the region when they dine out. However, the great climate is also ideal for backyard gardeners who love to grow their own fruit and veg.

A move you won’t regret

Moving to a new home, town and state is always going to be a challenge, but for those who do take the plunge, California is an incredible place to live. From the academic and career opportunities to the ever-changing coastline, wilderness spaces and cosmopolitan cities, there really is something for everyone in the Golden State.