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Conceal Carry

Different Ways To Conceal Carry

In the past, when it came to concealed carry, women were mainly restricted to bulky pieces that didn’t fit in with their style. Lately, the market has expanded and brought in more choices.

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Every day, women make clothing choices that meet their personal styles. With today’s ingenuity, they can find a concealed carry style that fits their preference. Jackets, leggings and shirts are a few of the things they can find that are easily adaptable and can coordinate with any design.

There are also plenty of choices that allow women to hide defense items underneath their outfits. Tank tops and undershirts that fit snuggly so as not to bunch up are common and come in a variety of colors. Biker shorts can be worn under skirts or pants with a pocket close to the waist, and thigh holsters and belly bands can be worn underneath clothing without adding a full extra layer. Women who wish to protect themselves while working out can also find some great sports bras to work with.


Carrying can be uncomfortable for women with sensitivities, so purses are always available. Handbags come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Women can even use inserts to transform a traditional pocketbook into a concealed carry option if they want to.

At Home or in a Vehicle

The women who need an option that isn’t as close but still nearby can look into holders that fit discreetly in the car or underneath a desk. Some holsters are designed to fit beside the bed for quick access without having to fumble in a drawer. With so many concealed carry options for women, it’s easy to find something for any style.

While there are many concealed carry options out there, the market is ever-growing, and more choices are added every day. Women can protect themselves and others while still feeling good about what they are wearing.