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Costume Ideas for Halloween

Costume Ideas for Halloween

Finding the right costume for Halloween can be a fun activity for everyone in the family. Many people make their own DIY costumes that can be something simple and sweet, like a cute black cat outfit, or something more complex like a period historical costume. There are dedicated costume stores too for those that want an easy and fast costume solution.

Blue Dragon with Black Scales Costume for Boys

Boys usually prefer to wear a scary costume for this fall holiday, and this blue and black dragon costume will thrill any little guy. According to Chasing Fireflies, a top costume and children’s boutique, ‘When this monstrous creature swoops in, you want to lay low.’

This truly ferocious blue dragon is accented with black spiky scales and includes a menacing headpiece, pants, top and removable tail and wings. The metallic blue demon dragon features silver accents, a comfy expandable waist and easy-close Velcro makes getting dressed and undressed a breeze.

Take a Step Back in Time with Historical Costumes from Popular TV Shows

Historical dramas are trending on television and in movies. These characters are often dressed in beautiful clothing styles that are replicas of real clothing that people wore during that time. Many individuals choose to copy these types of apparel to wear for Halloween celebrations.

Some popular historical costumes include ones from Bridgerton, Reign, Midsommer flower queen costume and Game of Thrones character attire. To get an authentic look, plan to wear your hair in styles that were popular in that era. Add some period jewelry and realistic makeup to complete the effect.

Favorite Halloween Costumes for Girls

Girls often like to dress as their favorite movie characters. Many prefer wearing a cuddly animal costume. Bunny was the second most common costume last year, and little girls enjoy playing with makeup and wearing pretty clothes.

Other girls will want to dress up in traditional Halloween costumes like a witch seen on the screen or a zombie which is a fast last-minute costume idea for busy parents. Both girls and boys also like to wear costumes designed to look like real-life professionals such as a firefighter, an athlete, an astronaut, a nurse or doctors along with cowboys and cowgirls.

Halloween Costumes for Men

By the end of October, men are really just little boys at heart. Men tend to pick costumes that feature a favorite comic book, movie or television character. Other trending costumes for men include Captain Jack Sparrow or another pirate, a political figure or something funny like a sexy policeman or a horrid clown.

This Halloween, take some time to get inspired with ideas for costumes. Shop around for the best quality, supply and price or make your own which can save money. There are a few fantastic costume stores that offer a diverse inventory of ready-made costumes along with department store chains and exclusive clothing boutiques that may sell costumes too.