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7 Gifts to Surprise Your Child on Their Birthday

Children fill our lives with light, laughter, and happiness in abundance. They give us so much love that it’s only right that we give some of that back too.

So, the birthday of your child is the perfect occasion. Doesn’t it demand celebration?

It should be the day to express gratitude and adore their very existence. Every child’s birthday should be fully celebrated because this time of their lives won’t come back again.

So, it’s best to give your everything here and now.

Here are 7 gifts to surprise your child on their birthday, to make their day and make it memorable.

1. All sorts of gifts

You can kickstart the day in style with little crumbs of surprises along the way. Even the grumpiest kid will get in a good mood after this kind of surprise.

Make his/her morning special with a special birthday breakfast. For one day, give them all that they like to have, albeit with a limit in quantity.

Make something that you don’t usually do, but something they like very much.

Pancakes, waffles, and muffins are some of the tried and tested recipes for birthdays. But you can pack some more extravagance if you know you can pull it off.

You can get a special shirt or some accessory with a sweet message written on it, and give it to them for the whole day.

You can even search for cubby houses online, and give your kid one of those to make him feel like a king or a queen, of their own palace.

2. Make it a YES day

Usually, kids have demands so impossible or outrageous that we must stop them and say ‘no’ to those requests.

For their birthday, you can change it up a bit. It’ll be like a practical joke between you and your child. A fun way to reconnect and make up for all those denials, isn’t it?

You let them have their way and decide what they’d like to do that day. Then, you’ll just have to say ‘Yes’ and go along.

As long as their demands or questions get painfully ridiculous, that you know will come once or twice.

It’s like: “Want an ice cream? Yes.”

“Want to play football? Yes.”

3. Get a puppy

You may have denied this very request a thousand times before. “Can we get a dog?”

And you’ve declared “No.”

As usual.

But this time, surprise him with a four-legged ball of joy that he’d never have seen coming.

But remember, a puppy is a huge responsibility too. It’s like welcoming a family member. So, you have to plan.
Watch and read about dog training, search for dog houses and get the one you like, and perhaps even get yourself a doggy door.

4. DIY kits

DIY (Do It Yourself) kits are very popular nowadays, especially among kids. It lets them learn a multitude of things at their own pace, in a practical and fun way.

Give them something that they’d be interested in and something they have a knack for.

Like if your child loves science and machines, give them a scientific DIY kit. They come packed with everything needed for a particular experiment or project.

It’s learning and enjoyment at the same time.

5. Barbies and dolls

Barbies never go out of style and are a perfect gift for girls.

If you want the most unique Barbie sets, make sure to purchase them at EveryMarket.

It lets them learn a bit of styling, a bit of dressing, and a bit of make-up.

And it’s pretty.

You can even add a styling kit for extra complements.

It has nail polish, brush, hair clips, bands, and many other items that’d help her fashion the doll in innovative ways.

6. Musical instruments

If your child likes to sing and dance all day or shows deep interest in music, make their birthday all the more musical.

Gift them a musical instrument.

It can be a microphone for those who love to sing along.

Gift a Xylophone to your kid if he’s interested in music. It’s easy to play and makes sweet noises even if you don’t know anything.

For bigger kids, go for something they are interested in or goes well with their preferred genre of music.

7. Cycles and scooters

If your kid is one of the more adventurous ones, an outdoor freak, or someone who has unrelenting energy, you can channel that to something good.

Gift them a bicycle, tricycle, or even a scooter, according to their age.

Cycling is one of the best all-encompassing exercises. It will keep them fit, make their digestion strong, and give them a sort of freedom that comes with speed.

If they’re very small, you must be there at all times, and the riding should be restricted to a garden or small space.


A good birthday gift is less about its price tag and more about the attachment.

It says that you love them and understand them.

So, any gift can be a good gift as long as the child appreciates it and thanks to you for it on their own.

That’s YOUR gift.