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Coffee Cart

What You Need to Start a Coffee Cart

Coffee carts are a wonderful alternative to coffee shops if you want to get coffee while you are in a place where commercial buildings are not located, such as a park or a small neighborhood. If you are thinking about starting a coffee cart, there are some things you are going to need first. Keep reading to find out what you need to start your own coffee cart.

Coffee Cups

While mugs are wonderful and perfect for sustainability, it would be too difficult for you to have mugs on your coffee cart. Mugs are often made of ceramic, and with the limited storage space and the jostling of the cart, the mugs would be too likely to break. Instead, you can always try custom disposable coffee cups. This way, you can promote your business while being practical at the same time. If you sell cold drinks, you need to get plastic cups for cold drinks as well as paper cups for hot ones.

Sleeves, Lids and Straws

Since people are going to be purchasing from you on the go, it makes sense that they will need accessories for convenience. You will need to get sleeves for your hot coffee cups so people can hold them without having to risk burning themselves. You will need to get lids for all of your cups so people do not have to worry about spilling their coffee everywhere. For your cold drinks, you need to get straws so people can sip them more easily. With these accessories, you can make people’s lives easier and keep them coming back.


Not all people sweeten their coffee with sugar. If you want to serve a variety of customers, which is very likely to happen, you will need at least a few sweeteners at your disposal. You can have normal sugar, either in loose or cube form. You can have sugar in the raw, which is not as processed. You can also have artificial sweeteners, honey and nectars. The possibilities are endless, but whatever you choose, make sure you have room for everything on your cart.


If you want to have cream on offer with your coffee, you can give your customers a variety of options here too. However, your options will be limited, as your aforementioned storage space will be limited as well. Try to offer a dairy option, a non-dairy option, and an alternative dairy option, such as something plant-based. This way, you will be able to serve customers with different needs without having to worry about too many products to keep a stock of.

Coffee and Tea

As you will be opening a coffee cart, coffee is going to be the staple of your business. However, there will be some people who will want tea instead. Try to stock a small array of coffee and tea varieties that are popular in the local community, as those will most likely be your best-selling products. If you want to stock more obscure varieties as well, choose them carefully. Make sure to taste every single one of the drinks you have on offer, as some customers will ask you for recommendations and you want to be as sure of your product as possible and tailor the recommendations based on your knowledge of what you have.

Opening a coffee cart can be very rewarding, and if done right, you will be a pillar of the community and a local icon that people will seek out once word of your business spreads. Keep this article in mind and hopefully, you will see a high demand for your business in no time.