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EarnViews: 5 Top-Notch Instagram Story Ideas For Travel Bloggers 

In the social media world, travel blogging is one of the most sought-after niches that has attracted tons of people. Yes! It has become a source of income for many individuals as they can enjoy the freedom to travel around the world and do their passionate work. 

Instagram is the perfect platform for travel bloggers to share their experiences via visual content such as images, videos, GIFs, etc. Though there are several in-app features, the Instagram stories format benefits bloggers to engage with the audience, gain more reach and take their content to a broader audience effortlessly. 

Many budding bloggers buy instagram story views to enhance brand awareness and strengthen their profile quickly. But do you want to yield these perks in your blogging? You’re not alone! In this article, let us discuss different Instagram Story ideas that enrich your travel blogging in a better way. 

What To Post On Instagram Stories As A Travel Blogger? 

#1 Try Out Different Story Options

Instagram is ever-changing and often comes with new features and tools to stand out from other popular social media platforms. ‘Stories’ is one among them where you can discover a plethora of options to create eye-catching and compelling content. The most popular Stories options that you can adapt are, 

Regular Photo / Video – While visiting a destination, make sure you post an image or short video conveying your trip to your audience. 

BoomerangThis particular option lets users capture a short video and turn it into a quirky GIF. When you visit a fantastic landscape, try to show off the beauty within seconds. 

Hands-Free – Going for a solo trip? Don’t you have help to click your visuals? No worries! With hands-free mode, you could do capturing automatically. 

Live Stream – The best part of Instagram Stories is that you can go live in just a few clicks. If you wish to share your trip experience with your audience, it is a great option to choose from. Once you click on ‘Go Live,’ your audience will get notified with a push notification to join. 

Stories are not just limited to the above-given features; you have vast options for your blogging. Successful travel bloggers avail the support of EarnViews to expand their exposure and gain new followers in a matter of minutes. So, never miss out on considering this to thrive as a famous blogger. 

#2 Engage With Your Community

Are you a regular Instagram user? Then, you might have an audience base for your travel blogging. Merely navigate to the stories section and go through the different stickers available. 

Pick out the best ones that help you to interact with your audience. For instance, utilize quiz stickers to ask a few questions to your followers and let them answer. Then, conduct a poll to get audience feedback to make better decisions based on your audience’s interests. 

#3 Share Behind-The-Scenes

BTS kind of content is beneficial for portraying your real experience with your fellow followers. For example, consider if you are visiting a company or industry, you can capture short glimpses of the best things and explain how things are going there through these videos. 

If possible, share live videos or pictures, as it will help you build trust and attract more audiences. Furthermore, avail the support of EarnViews to make you credible and shine out from your competitors. 

#4 Cross-Promote Your Content

Regular Instagrammers might have seen Stories that show ‘New Post.’ Yes! It’s nothing but sharing image posts, Reels video, or anything that you upload on your feed. So, your profile will reach beyond your followers, and you will get huge responses from a broader audience. Whenever you upload content on Instagram, ensure that you are adding it to Stories then and there to let your followers know about it. 

#5 Go With Local Content Often 

If you are out of ideas to post content on Instagram stories, simply make a plan for nearby destinations. Then, spend time researching and finding the hidden places and spots where people visit rare within your locale. 

In this way, you can grab the attention of your residents as well as foreign visitors. Also, it will be excellent support for the local businesses to gain profit, and you will gain more audience for your unique content. 

Final Takeaway 

Thus these are the smart content ideas that every travel blogger should consider to reap its benefits to the fullest. It might be challenging to understand the working of Instagram Stories in the initial stages. 

So, take time to understand Stories and create eye-grabbing content in accordance with the guidelines. Don’t pause your work once you post Stories on your travel blogging. It is essential to pay attention to Analytics and optimize your content accordingly in the future. These proven ideas will surely help you reach more miles on your blogging journey.