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How To Sell More Property With The Use Of Real Estate Video Marketing

Has it ever happened to you, like you ordered something from the internet by looking at the crazy photos of the object, and when you received it in your hands, you are like, “Oh god, this is so rubbish!”. The same principle applies to Real Estate, and buyers are very much aware of this. Videos are the hottest topics in any domain, and photos are 2008ish. Only photos can’t depict the surreal environment and the beauty of your property. And when you have such an edge, you just can’t let it go without showing them off. You need a Real Estate Video Maker to make professional-looking videos for your property to prove its worth. 

You can only show photos, but with videos, you can connect to your customer. “Embedded video drives 157% more organic search results to your website, and real estate listings with videos get 403% more inquiries than those without,” says the National Association of Realtors. It’s the same in social media as well. It is said that tweets with videos get 2.5 times more replies, 2.8 times more Retweets, and 1.9 times more likes and that indeed makes a pretty difference. With the provided data, you can hopefully understand how beneficial real estate video marketing can be.

Now you might be imagining why are Real Estate Videos so much hyped?

The reasons are :

  • No Trust Factor:- Photos can sometimes be misleading, but if it’s a video, the consumer feels more assured about the legibility.
  • Explain more in less time:- If it’s a video, the client will get all his doubts cleared by looking at the video, and you don’t have to spend time explaining over calls or emails.
  • Better connection building:- If you promote your property through a video, the customer looking at the video will feel like you are talking to the person directly. Perhaps you will be able to generate a better bond.
  • Close more deals:- Every 9 out of 10 internet users wants more videos from brands and businesses, so Real Estate Video marketing makes the conversion rate fairly high.

So now, when we have an idea of how Real Estate Videos are helping businesses so much in their marketing, the next big question is 

How to shoot Real Estate Videos?

Well, there are a few tips that we’ll be sharing today to make your video creation journey super easy,

  • Make it look professional:- You can indeed create highly impressive and eye-catchy real estate videos with your smartphone. Still, the recommendation will always be to create high-quality videos that satisfy the consumer. The camera sensors in smartphones are way more undersized than a professional DSLR or a mirrorless camera. So they can capture way less light, so you have to do a lot of extra proper lighting setup, or else it will make the videos look extremely crappy. The pieces of equipment that you can consider before making a real estate video are:-
  1. A professional DSLR or a mirrorless camera (Sony a7s)
  2. A good quality microphone(Rode mic pro plus)
  3. Extra batteries and memory cards(to be on the safer side)
  4. A gimbal for smooth and professional-looking videos(DJI RSC)
  5. A Real Estate Video Editor (professional in editing videos of this genre)
  • Be confident:- Even before the customers see the property, they will see you. Be confident in what you say, and try to make a script before you start shooting. We’ll be talking about scripting more in the next points.

(pro-tip: Think as if you are talking directly to the customer and not to the camera.)

  •  Scripting is important:- Before you begin shooting the property, make a script or jot down all the points you consider important to tell the customer about that particular property. But make sure not to remain stuck to that particular script. Just keep the key points in mind and explain them in your way.
  • Post-production:- Now you have all the beautiful clips of your property, but the task is still undone. It would be best to get a skilled Real Estate Video Editor to get all these clips beautifully stacked together on a single canvas with soothing music in the background. This is where the “text to video” process becomes essential, ensuring that the narrative matches the visuals seamlessly. This is one of the most vital steps to perform because it doesn’t matter how beautiful your clips are if they are not presented well.
  • Grab the attention:- If you search for a “2-bedroom apartment in Manhattan”, you will be getting more than thousands of videos. To make your real estate video eye-catchy and distinguishable from the masses, you need to have a great thumbnail that depicts the beautiful property. Also, make sure to put animated GIFs that could help the video earn more clicks.

So now we have both ideas about why to create the video and how to create the video. Now the upcoming challenge we have in front of us is, 

What is the video going to be?

Here we’ll be sharing with you a few ideas that you can try on to get started in your Real Estate Video journey,

  • Property video tours:- This is one of the most helpful and effective real estate video ideas because it makes the viewer feel as if he’s involved in the whole video, giving better user retention. The main catch in these types of videos is that they must have beautiful visuals, and the whole video should be properly edited. Just roam around every corner of the property and explain the amenities that you know the customer demands. These videos create a high-end virtual tour for the customer to explore the property.
  • Social media videos:- As stated earlier, video format content blooms over social media. You can create both long and short-format videos for your social media platforms to attract new customers or market your particular property. The algorithms working behind the big labels like Instagram or Facebook, push video content a lot more than just pictures, thus bringing you more engagement on your plate.
  • Customer feedback videos:- Word of mouth is considered the biggest and strongest marketing strategy. Customer testimonials help new clients to trust you more as a brand. And what’s wrong with bragging about having happy customers! Just record short videos of your customers, asking them about how their experience has been with you, how they feel right now in their beautiful properties, and ask them how much more likely they are to recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

(Note:- These videos don’t need much high production-level quality, even smartphones can get this job done but make sure to use a proper mic to capture clear audio.) 

Photos are so much more obvious these days. But, with the help of videos, you get hold of a killer strategy to promote your real estate business and eventually Sell My House Fast. You save time, reach more people, build better connections, get referred for your good work, and a lot more just with videos.

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