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Tips for Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture from Watson's in St. Louis

Tips for Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture from Watson’s in St. Louis

No matter if it’s to relax, host family and friends or add your personal style, finding the ideal outdoor furniture can make a significant difference in functionality, comfort, and purpose for any outdoor space. When combined together correctly patio furniture can even transform an otherwise dull outdoor area into an inviting retreat!

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Outdoor patio furniture should add function and blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of your home, regardless of its style or material composition. From cast-iron designs to natural wood pieces, there are various materials that will suit your needs perfectly.

Wicker has long been a popular choice as an outdoor patio piece as it seats multiple people comfortably while offering a natural aesthetic. Modern-day versions often have coatings of resin to help keep them weatherproof through hot summers and freezing winters while remaining beautiful in appearance.

Imagine how you’ll use your outdoor space, such as hosting brunches with friends or lounging alone while reading. Once you know which activities will occur in your outdoor space, you can visit Watson’s St. Louis furniture store to select patio furniture sets that accommodate your desired activities accordingly. If space constraints prevent this, look for compact furniture pieces with slim designs for more openness.

Patio furniture should fit seamlessly with the overall theme of your backyard or garden. If you want a rustic aesthetic, choose pieces made of materials like reclaimed wood and natural rattan, while for more refined tastes there is always the possibility of opting for luxurious fabric sofas, chairs or sets of rattan chairs upholstered with luxurious fabric or customized colors to match other exterior elements such as landscaping.


Comfort is of utmost importance when shopping for outdoor furniture. Choose materials such as wicker and rattan for durability; or go with weathered wood pieces like teak for an organic aesthetic that blends in well with nature.

Keeping in mind the demands of frequent entertaining in your backyard, search for patio dining sets with chairs and a table as well as benches that seat two or more. If space is tight, consider bistro sets featuring just two chairs with small tables arranged more compactly.

Selecting the color and fabric for outdoor cushions is another way to customize the style of your patio furniture. Bold patterns add energy and excitement during an evening barbecue, while neutral hues provide a calm ambience.

If you’re struggling to begin, opt for neutral colors like white or gray for your furniture and an accent color like navy blue or yellow for cushions and throw pillows, before tying all these hues together with throw pillows. You can visit sites like for more styling ideas.

Another great way to add elegance to your space is with an outdoor rug. Choose one with colors or a pattern that can tie together the rest of your outdoor furniture. Be sure to measure the space before purchase in order to ensure the rug will fit properly without leaving too much blank space.


Durability should always be at the forefront of your mind when selecting furniture to purchase in an area with harsh winters, avoiding unnecessary cost and hassle in replacing it every year. Durability depends heavily on materials used as well as manufacturer design.

The best durable furniture is constructed using natural, weatherproof materials like teak wood or acacia eucalyptus that can withstand the elements with just an annual application of wood preservative.

Both eco-friendly and affordable, acacia can add stunning color variations that suit any design aesthetic while teak is known to last generations without breaking down under strain from climate change or sunlight exposure.

Metal outdoor patio furniture is another reliable solution, ideal for durability. Aluminum, wrought iron, and steel all offer sturdy yet weather-resistant pieces perfect for any yard setting. You can visit this helpful site to learn more about the physical properties of steel.

Lightweight yet sturdy pieces from these materials allow easy rearrangement to suit a range of styles while maintenance requirements usually involve only occasional wiping down and rust proofing treatments needed to keep them looking their best.


When it comes to outdoor furniture storage, you want a solution that’s both practical and secure. Deck boxes and cabinets provide this flexibility by accommodating everything from patio cushions and throw pillows to gardening supplies and pool chemicals. Plus, their varied styles and materials give you plenty of options that perfectly match the decor on your porch.

Do your research and choose pieces that combine both style and function.

Some storage furniture and containers resemble traditional trunks or boxes with lids to protect their contents, while others resemble seating benches or coffee tables – such as an outdoor cushion storage box which looks and functions like an elegant eucalyptus bench featuring vents designed to keep cushions dry.