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Cave Shake

Shark Tank Updates: Cave Shake

Before the Shark Tank, the Cave Shake

Billie Cavallaro, the founder of Cave Shake, and Holly Heath, the CEO, came up with a ready-to-drink, low-carb shake that’s devoid of dairy, gluten, and sugar a few years ago.

As if inventing a miraculous drink with zero sugar, zero carbohydrates, and zero dairies wasn’t enough, they also came up with a charming, smart name for it: Cave Shake, a reference to the drink’s Keto- and Paleo-friendly components. (In other words, even our cave-dwelling forefathers could drink it.)

The shake came in four different flavours and may be used as a meal replacement or a snack/dessert. Billie and Holly ask the Sharks for assistance with their wonderful diet drink in Season 10, Episode 4 of Shark Tank. They’re seeking $250,000 in return for a 10% stake in their company.

Shark Tank’s Cave Shake

Season 10 Episode 4 of Shark Tank

Billie and Holly were ecstatic as they walked into the Tank. They did a skit and a song about battling sugar cravings and said that Cave Shake would give you more energy and enable you to enjoy a treat that wouldn’t mess up your Keto diet. They then distributed samples of their coconut milk-based drink. Some, such as Lori, were delighted with the flavour, while Robert was perplexed as to why it tasted so strange to him. It was sweetened with Stevia, according to Holly, and if you’re not accustomed to Stevia goods, you may not like it. Only one out of every 100 individuals, according to Billie, dislikes the taste of Stevia.

Robert inquired about the calorie content of the beverage. Billie got a chuckle when she informed them it was 480 per serving. The Sharks laughed again as Holly began to explain that you shouldn’t be concerned about the calories. Billie, on the other hand, claimed that they were calories from healthy plant-based fats that “fool” your body into fat-burning mode. (This fat-burning state is known as ketosis, and it’s well-known.)

It was now time to speak about the statistics. Cave Shake was $7.99 a jar, with an average cost of $1.86 across all flavours. They were exclusively available in specialist health food shops in Southern California at the time. Sales were $270,000 in 2017 and $182,000 so far this year.

Billie and Holly were questioned about their origins and how they came up with the idea for the shake. Billie said that she used to be a hard-core athlete, particularly a ski racer, and that following a ketogenic diet helped her cope with inflammation. Holly confessed that Keto helped her body recover after she was in a car accident.

Kevin was sceptical of their $2.5 million estimates. That’s when Billie revealed that they were working with a Coca-Cola-affiliated incubator called LA Libations. They were on pace to earn an extra $750,000 that year with the incubator’s help. Holly began by stating that the incubator was a strategic partner, but guest-Shark Charles Barkley inquired as to what the two had given up in order to work with the incubator. They offered 15%, according to Holly. Mark felt it was a lot of money to donate to an incubator, and he was perplexed as to why the business required the Sharks’ assistance. Billie thought it was essential to collaborate with a group of clever individuals to assist with decision-making, but Mark questioned why he should contribute money to a business that would provide him less stock than a company that hadn’t given them any.

Kevin cut him off and inquired about a royalty clause in their incubation agreement. Holly said the incubator would get a cut of any sales above $10,000, but she couldn’t say how much money they owed the incubator in commissions. Kevin was irritated that another business was receiving a royalty for free while he was receiving no compensation for his $250,000 investment. He was no longer among us.

Robert spoke out, saying he didn’t enjoy the product’s flavour and that the logo was unclear. He, too, dropped out. Mark decided it was too much effort, thus he was the third Shark to drop out. Lori, on the other hand, said that she would rather eat her calories than drink them, so she declined.

That left Charles, who was curious whether Cave Shake included the components needed to generate energy for sports. The drink, according to Billie, was high in MCTs, which are excellent sources of energy. Charles offered the couple $250,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the business. Billie asked if he could reduce the price to 14 per cent, but Charles felt his offer was reasonable, especially because they had previously given the incubator 15 per cent for no money. He stated that he wanted to invest since he had always battled with his weight and wanted to support a product that aids in weight loss. He believed that investing in excellent people was a top priority for him. He said, “I like you two.”

Holly insisted on lowering his percentage and inquired whether 20% was his last offer, but Charles refused to budge. Holly was still reluctant to say anything since she didn’t want to give too much away, but Billie was desperate to work with Charles Barkley. Holly relented, and the two agreed to the deal.

After Shark Tank, the Cave Shake

Cave Shake

Cave Shake has since become a Shark Tank success storey, although under a new name. Cave Shake has been renamed Space Shake.

Though the company’s website is up and running, Space Shake’s press and retail location pages are empty, which isn’t a good indication.

When Holly and Billie came on the programme, they said their partnership with LA Libations was only getting started. Soon after they finished filming, the incubator assisted them in obtaining shelf space at Whole Foods, but the chain’s regional spread remains unknown. After the programme aired, demand in California continued to rise, and the owners collaborated with LA Libations to extend outside Southern California and create an infrastructure for scaling. They are now only available in Southern California, but you can get them through Amazon, which ships worldwide.

Since its debut on Shark Tank, the business has made a number of modifications to the product. The strawberry taste was dropped, the packaging was altered from a jar to a pouch, and the serving size calories were reduced — first to 320, then to 210. As a result, more individuals are likely to eat it as a snack rather than a meal substitute. In terms of snacks, the firm has created a bar and is developing a snack-sized container for the beverage.

But there’s one big alteration that hasn’t been mentioned in the marketing materials: Cave Shake changed its name to Space Shake as part of the Barkley agreement. But what exactly does the name imply? It isn’t stated elsewhere, not even on the website’s FAQ or About sections.

On the company’s website, reviews are overwhelmingly favourable (of course), however, the small number of reviews on Amazon are divided. The company’s Facebook score is just 2.6 out of 5, and despite having over 21,000 Instagram followers, interaction is poor.

Perhaps with greater distribution, the brand could acquire momentum – but in a competitive nutritional-drink industry, Space Shake will have to find a unique method to stand out from its rivals.

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