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Advantages Of Travelling By Train Where To Watch

Advantages Of Travelling By Train Full Movie

Advantages of Travelling by Train Full Movie Review

“Advantages of Travelling by Train” is a black comedy that is set in Spain. The plot revolves around a psychologist who is called on to help a woman whose husband is in a mental institution. The film is based on a novel by Antonio Orejudo. In the film, the psychologist introduces himself to two patients – Helga and Albert. The two people soon develop a shady relationship, and they begin to develop a rift in their relationship.

The storyline for Advantages of Travelling by Train is a classic tale of love and romance. The film begins with the couple’s wedding, and they have a love-hate relationship. The two are separated by their love, and they find themselves on separate paths. The two meet on the train, which leads them to their eventual marriage. The movie ends with the couple meeting at the train station and falling in a deep, disturbing hole. The journey is not easy, but the ending is a satisfying one.

ADVANTAGES OF TRAVELING BY TRAIN is director Aritz Moreno’s first feature film. His short film, COLERA, has been selected by more than 300 international film festivals and has received the Staff Pick badge on Vimeo. The filmmaker has worked on this project for six years and has received numerous awards for his shorts. ADVANTAGES OF TRAVEL BY TRAIN is the directorial debut of Aritz Moreno, and has been recognized with the Staff Pick badge at Vimeo and the Austin Film Festival.

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