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Door Locks

Features You Should Consider Before You Buying Door Locks

You might be scared if you left your front door unlocked. However, this does not have to be a concern: door locks protect you and your family from intruders, so they are a must-have. A good door lock is easy to use, secure and durable. When it comes to securing your home, many different features can make or break your decision regarding which lock suits your needs. To help you pick the right one, this post outlines a few of the key features you should consider before you buy door locks:

Keyless Entry

One of the standard ways to access a lock is to use a physical key. After all, this method of entry has been around for literally centuries. However, for the past decade, manufacturers have introduced some game-changers for keyless entry, with biometric-activated locks leading the charge. With these new door locks in Singapore, all you have to do is touch the handle and walk right inside. Now you can enter your home without carrying around an actual key or fumbling with touch-to-lock technology and cards.

Keyless entry systems usually use a fingerprint sensor that recognizes your thumbprint to grant you access. It is almost like getting a new key at the door, just without the hassle of having to carry around a physical key. Face recognition and other types of biometric-activated locks are not too far behind.

Fingerprint Scanner

One of the oldest methods of unlocking a door is using a physical key. But this method, while common, has its fair share of flaws that are being addressed with biometric-activated locks. Fingerprint technology could be the new standard in home locks, with users able to unlock their doors simply by placing their thumb on a scanner. Some of these fingerprint-activated locks can even assign you a passcode and keep track of who is coming in and out of your door.

Fingerprint Scanner

These features could come in handy if you have a family or often have guests. Your fingerprint is unique, making tracking the people coming into your home much easier. Fingerprint scanners also have ultra-fast activation times, making them ideal for people who live in urban areas and do not want to fuss with keys and keypads at their front doors.

Smart Screen Compatibility

Smart screen compatibility will allow you to control things like your locks via an app on your smartphone when away from home. You will also control things like your heat and lights using a smartphone, with the app on your screen telling you exactly what you are doing. That is where smart locks are taking us, with many companies developing even more seamless HVAC and lighting systems.


These are a great way to increase your security and safety. With a deadbolt, you’ll be able to lock your door from the inside, making it that much harder for someone to gain access by kicking the lock and breaking down your front door. Additionally, if you have a double-cylinder deadbolt on your door and use the key-fob on your keychain, you can even end foreign houseguests who may have slipped inside unnoticed.

If you have an old lock and are considering an upgrade or need a new lock for your home, there are some aspects you will want to consider before purchasing it, including the type of lock and whether you need keys or a keyless entry. However, even if you are getting help from a locksmith or handyman, it is essential to know what types of locks exist and how they differ.