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Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence Technologies Trending In 2022

Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world. It has managed to seep into every aspect of life. Today, Artificial intelligence plays a crucial part in education, businesses, infrastructure, governance, and even policymaking. This form of intelligence will only grow in the future.

While its use isn’t as rampant today, scientists predict that it could be in the future. With greater access to the internet with cost-effective companies like Spectrum internet, AI is even more accessible. This is because the internet alone contains various forms of AI. And the technologies related to it keep getting more advanced. Here’s a list of the top Artificial Intelligence technologies in 2022.

Natural Language Generation

This is easily one of the most fascinating AI technologies in 2022. You saw talking machines on TV. Now you can see them in real life. Or something close to them anyway. Natural language generation converts machine data into the native language. This means that users can automate content and use it in whatever format they choose. Natural language is best used by content developers. They make use of this automated content on social media platforms. This is usually done for content marketing and audience targeting.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is an AI-related technology that is getting widely popular. A large number of Americans use this to shop, make purchases, work, study, and even carry out basic tasks. While speech recognition still isn’t as commonly used, it’s starting to appear in many aspects. This technology can even convert speech to multiple languages. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are the prime examples of speech recognition.

Smart Devices and Appliances

Smart devices are taking over everyday life. In fact, they’re also taking charge of basic tasks like switching on lights, televisions sets, and even the oven. Smart devices are designed by special AI technology that enables users to control these appliances through their phones. In most cases, they will just need to install an application through which they’ll control the primary functions.

Smart appliances are marketed to potential customers as eco-friendly devices that optimize security. Think of automated security systems and locks. Today, you can find smartwatches, rings, lamps, ovens, and even forks.

Computer Vision

No, you aren’t part of a Black Mirror episode. This is actual, real life. Computers can see now. Computer vision acts as the advanced technology that guides computers towards sight. This helps such devices to see and gain a stronger understanding of the visual world. The eerie aspect is that in some cases, computer vision is better than human vision. No, still not Black Mirror. Just truly advanced technology.

Cyber Defence

As the world of technology progresses, so do related threats. Today, cybercrime is at an all-time high. Malware, viruses, and hackers are getting so common now, that even global companies are having a hard time fighting them off. You would think that with technology this advanced, hackers and malware wouldn’t be able to get through.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Cybercriminals only adapt. This means that today they’re also advanced to a point where it’s hard to detect them until it’s too late. In this context, cybersecurity is crucial. Cyber Defence is an AI technology that helps to safeguard users against technology-related fraud and crime. It is truly innovative because it helps detect unusual behavior beforehand so it’s easy to manage risk.

Self Driving Cars

Yes, they’re finally here. Cars that don’t require human drivers. Movies have been made about these; books have been written about them. But now, they’re finally here. And everybody is excited. But also scared. This is because people aren’t used to anybody in the driving seat.

It takes a lot of time to get used to. So, while people are fascinated by the concept, they’re still scared for their life. Fully automated self-driving cars are still not too common today. But they’re slowly getting there. Such cars are predicted to reduce risk and accidents. They will prevent collisions and even pollution.


Biometrics is one of the most important AI-related technologies in 2022. In fact, they’re one of the few tools that act as the source of interaction between machines and humans. Biometrics technology help verifies the identity of a user. It uses face recognition, voice recognition, DNA matching, touch recognition, and iris matching. Biometrics greatly reduces the chances of impersonation or fraud. This is because the technology it uses is based on personal information that can’t be replicated.

All the aforementioned AI-backed technology signifies progress and further advancement in the technological sector.