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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Types Of Cushion Cut Diamonds You Must Know

When it comes to buying a diamond engagement or wedding ring, the shape of the diamond usually takes center stage. The shape of the diamond defines the whole look of your ring. It not only just affects the ring’s appearance but also affects the overall cost of the ring. The entire structure of the wedding or engagement ring is usually created to complement its center stone.

Usually, the selection of diamonds for wedding or engagement rings is made based on the partner’s choice. But the demand for cushion cut diamonds always remains in demand. Cushion-cut diamonds always turns out to be perfect for both engagement and wedding ring. This type of diamond cut is preferred by buyers for a variety of reasons.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

What is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

A cushion cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond cuts and is loved by females of all ages. It is a diamond cut which is a combination of a square-cut diamond with rounded corners. A cushion cut diamond is much like a pillow, this is also one of the major reasons that it is called a cushion cut diamond. Their combination of the new and old world makes them unique.

Cushion cut diamonds are a diamond type that includes a diamond cut with a classic, and old mine facet patterns. Such diamonds are preferred for their unique, and vintage-style shape. They have a square shape with cut corners, but also have modern brilliant-cut faceting.

Features of Cushion Cut Diamonds

  • Cushion-cut diamonds are known for their unique sparkle. Such types of diamonds are perfect for rings as they have an incredible fire and sparkle. The sparkle they have is combined with a unique and soft look that makes them a perfect alternative to the classic round-cut diamonds.
  • Cushion-cut diamonds are known for their versatility. They combine an antique look with modern performance. They are a versatile diamond shape and also come in different facet structures and ratios.
  • In terms of ratio, a cushion-cut diamond can resemble a rectangle or can be a shorter square. For such type of diamond cut, the perfect ratio is something between 1.00-1.03. Choosing a ratio between 1.20-1.30 also gives an elegant elongated effect.
  • These diamonds are either rectangular or square in shape, but their corners are rounded. Such types of diamond cuts are further divided into different types. Some common types of cushion cut diamonds are:-

Brilliant Cut Cushion Diamonds:-

A brilliant-cut cushion is a diamond type in which the diamond has been cut in a form with different facets. The reasons behind many facets are to have exceptional brilliance and also to maximize the light returned through the diamond top. The brilliant-cut cushion diamond is rarer and is thus quite expensive.

Brilliant Cut Cushion Diamonds

Such type of cushion-cut diamond has fewer, larger facets. In comparison to the other cushion cut diamonds, the brilliant-cut cushion looks larger in diameter. The reason behind this is their carat weight. They do not have a “crushed ice” look but look like round cut diamonds with a cushion shape.

Modified Brilliant Cut Cushion Diamonds:-

The modified brilliant cushion diamond is a type that includes some variation on the original brilliant cushion cut shape. It is a type of cushion cut that includes an extra row of facets. The facets row in it is just below the girdle.

These modified-brilliant cushion-cut diamonds have exceptional sparkle. They are known for their “crushed ice” appearance due to which they have a well-cut radiant shape. Due to their stunning look modified brilliant cushion cut diamonds and cushion cut engagement rings always remain high in demand.

Modified Brilliant Cut Cushion Diamonds

Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds:-

Antique cushion cut diamonds are also known as vintage cushion cut diamonds. These types of cushion-cut diamonds have longer as well as fewer facets than their modern counterparts. Many people even call them old mine cushion cut diamonds. These cushion cut diamonds are very rare but are less brilliant than the other types of cushion cut diamonds. Antique cushion-cut diamonds are typically deeper. Because of their antiquity, they have a certain charm.

Final Thoughts:-

You can choose cushion-cut diamonds for any type of ring. The affordable cost of such types of diamonds also makes it easy for you to buy an affordable and beautiful engagement or wedding ring within your budget. You can also design an engagement ring with such a diamond cut in different ways. Just make sure you will buy the ring and diamond from a professional.