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Can You Fly After Wisdom Teeth Removal

You might be wondering if you can fly after having your wisdom teeth removed. Although it is possible to fly immediately after your procedure, there may be some complications. Most dentists recommend that you wait 48 hours before flying. It can take up to 7 days. Moreover, you’ll be required to wear gauze, which will help prevent bleeding, form blood clots, and keep your mouth clean. You may also find changing the gauze uncomfortable on long flights.

The removal site may be sensitive to changes in air pressure, and you’ll likely feel discomfort. However, you should try to take over-the-counter medications that will help reduce the pain. Cold packs can also help. For 25 minutes, apply the cold pack to your cheeks and then take it off. You’ll likely experience some pain after the procedure, but this is usually minimal. You should also take anti-inflammatory painkillers.

An empty, resealable bag with ice and water should be packed. Avoid drinking any acidic beverages or water, and remember to pack an empty ice pack as well. You can also ask the flight attendant to bring you ice. For ten minutes, press the ice pack onto your cheek. To answer any questions, you can contact your dentist.

The procedure is quite complex and can cause pain. Therefore, flying immediately after the procedure may not be a good idea. Side effects such as headaches and sinus pain are likely to occur. You may experience side effects such as headaches or sinus pain after tooth extraction. This is caused by a blood clot not forming or dislodging from the gum. No matter if you have to fly after wisdom tooth removal, it is important to give yourself time to heal and avoid any potential problems.

If you have to fly after a tooth removal, tell your dentist. The Cosmetic dentist in Roseville can make certain considerations and give you tips on what to do. He can offer you additional medication and tips to lessen the pain. To help you sleep on the plane, bring extra gauze and a pillow. These supplies will make flying easier and less stressful. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable flying after a tooth removal.

To fully recover from wisdom teeth removal, you may need to rest for a few days. The swelling and pain that follow tooth extraction will depend on your body’s sensitivity and pain tolerance. Some people will need to heal for a few days while others may be able resume their normal life in a few days. It can take several days for the wound to heal completely.