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What is the Future of Data Science Certification

What is the Future of Data Science Certification?

Data Science is a field of study dealing with a huge volume of data, using modern tools and techniques to find patterns, derive meaningful information, and make profitable business decisions. It usually requires an individual to have combined expertise in programming skills and knowledge of mathematics & statistics.

Data science professionals apply machine learning algorithms to numbers, texts, audio, video, images, etc., to produce artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. These systems, in turn, generate insights businesses can use for their benefit.

Data Science has become an indispensable part of many industries; thus, IT professionals and engineering students realize there is a huge opportunity in the field. Some institutes have started offering degree courses; however, the most popular ones are still the data science course certifications.

Data science is growing tremendously, and the demand for IT professionals can be seen in every industry. There are various career options available in data science that can be available to those with a degree or a certification in data science or a related field.

So here in this article, we’ll be looking at the stats showing the demand for data science, the career options available for data science certificate holders, and the industries that hire these professionals.

Demand for Data Science

  • According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be around 11.5 million job openings for data science professionals by 2026.
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) has predicted that data scientists will be one of the emerging roles in the world by 2022.
  • Data science is being used in almost every job sector. The world’s biggest 5 tech companies (Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook) are the biggest employers of data scientists and engineers today [Source: Economic Times].
  • India has become the world’s second-largest hub for data science and has seen a 46% increase in data scientist hiring in 2020, and this is projected to grow by 73% in 2022 [Source: Analytics Insight].
  • As the world of sports betting continues to develop in distributed systems, there is a growing need for data scientists who can help provide accurate predictions. 
  • They can assist in all aspects of the betting process, from setting up the algorithms and analyzing data to creating strategies and making recommendations.
  • Companies must hire skilled data scientists who can apply their knowledge effectively and communicate clearly with clients or customers in a data pipeline to get what they need from their services without difficulties.

Demand for Data Scientists

Some industries where data science is being used and data science practitioners are being hired are mentioned below.


  • Data science is used in the healthcare sector to keep track of the patient’s health and help doctors understand the patterns of diseases to prevent them.
  • This industry needs Data Engineers to build automated systems for analyzing complex data in clinical applications.
  • It will result in improved patient care, provide faster & more accurate diagnoses, preventive measures, more individualized treatment, and more informed decision making.


  • Data is used in the aviation industry to put up flight prices, optimize routes, and carry out preemptive maintenance.
  • Data science professionals are needed in this industry to collect and analyze airline data such as route distance and altitudes, aircraft type, weather, etc.
  • By hiring data science professionals, aviation companies can provide better and easier customer service.

Cyber Security

  • As organizations are digitizing themselves, the demand for cybersecurity is also increasing. Data science techniques have been quite helpful in detecting fraudulent activities and preventing losses.
  • Data science incorporates machine learning technology to understand data patterns and create effective algorithms to protect the data.
  • Data science professionals help manage large amounts of data and derive the best solutions.

Software Development

  • Software development is the most common area where data science is being applied.
  • This industry requires Data Science along with Machine Learning to build automated software development tools.
  • This industry requires large numbers of data science professionals, thus offering many job openings too.


  • The E-commerce industry uses customer data to improve customer service and provide a better user experience.
  • E-Commerce companies need data science professionals to analyze the data and create customized recommendation lists to provide great end-user results.
  • There are around 2,73,000 e-Commerce companies across the globe with web sales. So it is very clear that the industry will generate jobs in huge numbers for data science professionals in the coming years.

You can also join a Simplilearn online bootcamp to learn Data Science skills.

Career Options with Data Science Certification

Data Science opens up various career options based on the roles handled by the data science professionals. The professionals who practice data science techniques are generally referred to as data scientists. So those who have a certification in data science have the following career options to go for.

Data Analyst

  • The work of a data analyst is to analyze data using various tools and assist their team in developing insights and business plans.
  • The average salary of a data analyst in India is around ₹4,64,928 per annum [Source: Payscale].

Data Engineer

  • The key role of a data engineer is to offer an orderly and uniform data flow leading to data-driven models like machine learning models and data analysis.
  • The average salary of a data engineer is around ₹8,65,003 per annum [Source: Payscale].

Data Architect

  • A data architect is a specialist who develops the business’s data strategy, including data quality standards, data movement within the organization, and data security.
  • The average salary of a data architect is ₹20,36,905 per annum [Source: Payscale].

Data Manager

  • The job of a data manager is to assess the company’s data demands and employ coding abilities to keep the database secure.
  • The average salary of a data manager is ₹8,96,707 per annum [Source: Payscale].

Business Analyst

  • They use the analyzed data and assist companies in enhancing processes, goods, services, and software.
  • The average salary of a data business analyst is around ₹6,11,666 per annum [Source: Payscale].

As the stats above mention, the demand for data science professionals will increase in the future. Those who are seeking to build a career in the field of data science should surely take a step ahead. You can start by taking online courses through platforms like Udemy, Coursera, edX, Simplilearn, Edureka, etc.

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