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Shark Tank Updates on Bubba’s Q Boneless Ribs

Al “Bubba” Baker has an infectious grin and a lot of charm, as you can tell when you look at him. Before launching his BBQ restaurant, he had a 13-year career in the NFL. Bubba had time with the Lions, Cardinals, and Browns. He was named ‘Rookie of the Year after his first season in the league. The family resides in Ohio, where he is a husband and father of three children. He characterizes his stint in the NFL as “his work at the time,” but BBQ has always been his love.

The family has spent a lot of money on the BBQ restaurant and Bubba’s product, which is why Bubba wanted to go on Shark Tank in the first place. In their investments, they almost wiped out all of the earnings, but Al had a vision, and he thought the product could be a huge hit.

Bubba’s Boneless Ribs owe their origins to his love of barbecue. He made great ribs, but his wife disliked them since they were too dirty for her. So, how can you make something as messy as ribs less so? The bones must be removed. Bubba had found out how to accomplish just that.

There are several different boneless meat items that may be considered rivals, however, they are not competitors. Many of our rivals’ goods are just sliced up chunks of meat that have been reassembled to resemble flesh. These ribs are the genuine stuff, which distinguishes Bubba from his competition. He devised a process for removing the bones on a massive scale, allowing him to mass-produce his product while maintaining its distinctive attraction.

“Meats” By Bubba Q The Sharks Are A Team That Plays In The NHL

Season 5 Episode 11 Of Shark Tank

Bubba has a commanding presence and enters the room with unwavering confidence. Before you even know what he’s selling, you nearly know you’re going to purchase it.

Bubba is looking for a $300,000 investment from one (or more) of the Sharks in exchange for a 15% interest in the business. When he does his Sharks presentation, he is accompanied by his daughter, who stands side by side with a microwave.

The guy is a wonderful salesperson, and he tells the Sharks that he would accomplish the impossible: he will cook ribs in the microwave and they will be exquisite. The Sharks interrogate him about his days in the NFL as the ribs heat up in real time for 2 minutes. It’s time to get down to business as soon as the microwave whistles. All of the Sharks try a bite of the ribs and are completely blown away.

A handful of the sharks are first drawn to the simplicity of the situation. Everything you’ll need is included in the box. It’s as simple as putting the ribs in the microwave for two minutes. One of the Sharks points out that some people like the taste of the bones. Bubba assuages your fears by explaining that the ribs are prepared with the bone inside. The meat is refrigerated and packed once the bones have been removed.

The most enticing element of Bubba’s presentation is when he discloses that he has a patent not just for his product, boneless ribs, but also for the method by which he eliminates the bones.

He claims that the product has made $154,000 in sales over the course of a year. When asked why he’s been doing this for 20 years but only selling for a year, Bubba reveals that he had to stop at one time. He rekindled his enthusiasm for ribs and proceeded with the product with the support of his daughter.

The Sharks ponder, with the patent occupying most of their attention. Kevin offers $300,000 in exchange for a 49 percent stake in the firm and the right to license the patent to a major meat distributor. Second purchase is proposed, this time for just 30% of the firm. For that reason, he decides to take the second offer, Daymond’s.

After Shark Tank, There’s Life


If you look at the website, you can see that Al ‘Bubba’ Baker has built a reasonably successful firm with Daymond’s support. When you visit Bubba’s product page, you’ll find that practically every product has a five-star rating.

Bubba was raking in $150k in sales when he got on the program. By late 2017, the firm had generated $16 million in revenue. Bubba has given one of Shark Tank’s most successful and lucrative acquisitions to date. Al’s ribs evolved from being sold primarily at his restaurant and a few local retailers to being sold on his website, in over 5,000 locations, on QVC, and at Yankee Stadium. A deal with Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s is also a big contributor to the enormous increase in sales.

Another element that adds to the deal’s intrigue is the fact that Daymond had previously voiced reservations about investing in a food product. He had witnessed how much waste there was in the food sector, as well as how regular failures occurred. It indicates how confident he was in Bubba and his patent that he proceeded with the $300,000 investment, despite the fact that it was for a 19% smaller part in the firm than Kevin’s offer.

Bubba just shuttered the doors of his business, which he had owned and operated for 13 years. This isn’t due to a lack of funds; rather, it seems that he was no longer prepared to put in the work required to maintain a restaurant. Profits have continued to climb for his ribs, and it is becoming simpler and easier to get your hands on Bubba’s boneless ribs every year since they are now available in more stores than ever before.

Bubba’s transaction is still considered one of the greatest in Shark Tank history.

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