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Backdoor Hiring

How to Prevent Backdoor Hiring

If you are looking for a job in the age of the new normal, chances are you may be juggling several prospects and attending as many invites as you can carry. This is because the US economy has proven resilient, with multiple businesses proactively filling in their vacancies across all industries.

The hot hiring market is seemingly rife with opportunities for staffing and recruitment companies. But with companies scrambling to hire, recruiters may face an unwanted scenario—their candidates becoming backdoor hires.

What do you mean by “backdoor hires?”

Typically, staffing agencies serve as the bridge between prospects and companies.

Recruiters run the show from the moment companies announce a vacancy until hiring a perfectly matched candidate.

Backdoor hires are the candidates that recruitment agencies lose to the clients they represent. In the selection process, the company decides to hire a candidate—without paying a single cent to the firm that was supposed to do the hiring for them.

It is a billion-dollar problem, but the sad news is most staffing firms don’t even know they have it.

Six Ways to Spot a Backdoor Hiring

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: spotting a backdoor hire from miles away.

We’ve listed down six things that should clue you in on the practice:

1. What did the candidate say?

Before moving forward with the selection, what did your candidate say about the company?

Did they mention previously applying for the company but not getting a response? Or were there any recruitment emails from that company, and they opted not to respond?

Either way, beware if they established an initial contact outside the staffing firm’s help. A possible backdoor hiring under the guise of “we already knew that guy” is looming.

2. Does the company know your candidate?

Following the first clue, the company should acknowledge these initial contacts, especially if they already received the candidate’s intent to apply for a position.

3. Was the hiring process put on hold?

Another telltale sign is when the company decides to halt a steadily progressing hiring process.

Did you interview a candidate before the sudden suspension? If yes, recruiters check in with the prospect because, chances are, they got hired while you waited.

4. Did the client ghost you?

Ghosting is not just an online dating phenomenon; it also happens within the staffing industry.

A backdoor hiring may already be in the process when the hiring company stops responding to all forms of communication after conducting preliminary interviews.

5. Did the candidate ghost you, too?

And if the candidate interviewed ghosted you too? Again, something fishy might be going on.

Sometimes prospects are flaky, but going MIA on recruiters could also mean they found a way to get in without your help.

6. Did the candidate drop you on LinkedIn?

While LinkedIn is a godsend for recruiters, it can also be your final clue to discover that there was a backdoor hiring.

If your candidate dropped you from LinkedIn, they might be hiding the fact that they got hired outside your help.

Some companies even make this their SOP: the hired prospect does not post any updates or delete or block you on the professional networking site.

The Negative Impact Backdoor Hires Bring

Being involved in a backdoor hiring scenario is a nightmare for staffing firms because invoice collection is a headache.

If the company resorts to this practice, chances are they never intended to pay you—they want the cake, and they want to eat it, too.

But profit loss to the staffing firm is not the only negative thing a backdoor hire brings. Ironically, they’re bad news to the company who purposely snitched recruitment fees and even to themselves.

The offending company might think they saved up, but seasoned recruiters or those who invested in backdoor technology solutions will have the knowledge and resources to make them pay up. And because they’ve proven untrustworthy the first time around, those fees will be steep; it will make them realize it would have been better if they had just paid.

Working with other staffing agencies may be difficult for the candidate who agreed to the backdoor hiring.

If they get hired through a recruiter, there are no fees involved—why the double-cross?

Plus, their actions will speak volumes about their character. Who knows what else they can be hiding or condoning if they allow dishonesty?

Why invest in backdoor technology solutions?

Knowing that backdoor hiring poses a threat to your staffing firm’s operations, can investing in backdoor technology solutions ease your mind?

Yes, especially when coupled with securing your signed contracts and ensuring you have safety nets in the form of a 12-month possessory period and thorough research on the company and your prospects.

These AI solutions empower staffing agencies with cutting-edge tools to monitor candidates and avoid potential backdoor hiring scenarios.

To Wrap It Up

With job opportunities booming and ready for the taking, the services of a recruiting firm will prove valuable for companies looking to hire. But unfortunately, some companies may not be fair and resort to back hiring. Therefore, every staffing firm should invest in a foolproof policy fortified by backdoor technology solutions to protect interests and efforts.

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