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Fireplace Poker

A Buying Guide for a Fireplace Poker

A fireplace poker stick appears like a non-important instrument. However, it is considered the most significant thing you should have by your side when you have a fire running at your place. This tool will help control the fireplace, stray sparks, and wood. Besides, it might appear like any random stick can handle the task, but it is advisable to have a professionally created poker for absolute safety. In this article, you will learn some of the best fireplace poker tips for purchasing over the internet. It will help ensure that you keep these factors in mind before buying any fireplace poker.

Check the Handle        

The primary feature you should consider when buying a fire poker is the handle, and the best handle should have been manufactured using quality material than the stick or the rod. This is to ensure the utmost safety of your hands. Therefore, handle matters for maximum safety.

Consider the Length of the Stick

Secondly, it is essential to factor in the stick’s length before buying one. Most of these poker sticks come from 16 inches to nearly 20 inches in size. However, that length might not help you if you need an outdoor campfire or massive pit. When it comes to such scenarios, opting for sticks that come in 30 inches to 40 inches is helpful. Such lengths will help you to control the fireplace successfully.

Consider the Durability and Built Material

The quality and durability of these products depend on the materials used to make them. Most poker sticks are created out of durable and heavy-duty stainless steel as they can withstand high temperatures, fireplaces, or pits. However, you do not necessarily need to choose iron or stainless steel, while basic and ideal quality wrought can perform the task. Note that wrought iron rods are more affordable and have the perfect quality to perform the poking task.

Consider One-piece Vs. Various Pieces

When it comes to pokers, they come in single or multiple pieces. A single piece is considered a single stick length, which does work perfectly well. It is also the most preferred type of model. However, when it comes to multiple sticks, they can be arranged for many kinds of sticks, which are excellent in case you have various fireplaces, such as outdoor fire pits and indoors. Such cases can be handled best with such models other than a single stick one.

Consider the Type of Hook

Another thing you should consider when buying a fireplace poker is the hook used in making the poker stick. This is a significant feature as it will provide insight into how poker will get in touch with fire. In this case, there are various hook types. These include a round hook, a simple sharp-pointed one, and a pronged design. There are also fish and rake models. When the fire is too big, you might want to use fish or rake hook designs based on comfort level. This buying guide will help you choose the right fire poker that will help you manage the fire properly.