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Top 3 BNB Chain Dapps to Watch

If you are interested in creating or running a decentralized application, you need a blockchain to do so. Many developers are looking for networks that can compete with Ethereum, such as a BNB chain. The BNB Chain stands for Binance Smart Chain, which gives developers more flexibility to create tokens, provide cost-effective services, and produce faster transactions. If you’re ready to see what these networks can do, check out the top 3 BNB Chain apps to watch.

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One of the most popular BNB chains today is PancakeSway. In addition to allowing you to get Ethereum yields while providing lower transaction fees. Speaking of yields, you have several yield farming options, including the use of the CAKE token. You can utilize staking, which refers to putting your token up to help validate blockchain transactions. It’s easy to add more tokens to your blockchains like PancakeSwap with this method. As a result, you can enjoy more liquidity compared to other options, along with more passive income.

Speaking of the CAKE token, it plays a role in establishing trust and an active environment. Holders have access to a robust community where they can use governance proposals to make decisions. In the world of finance tech, this matters as users are more likely to trust a platform where they have some say in how things are run.

If you’re new to the DeFi world, PancakeSwap makes it easier to adjust. With its user-friendly interface, buying and swapping tokens or using your liquidity doesn’t come with a steep learning curve. The process is simple and can help anyone gain a foothold on the platform.

Venus Protocol

Like PancakeSwap, the creators of Venus Protocol understand the value of community governance. The platform has a native token, the Venus Token, used for native governance. Holders can use it to give feedback on product development, place votes, decide on new collateral types, etc.

Some users may still be leery of the online finance world. However, users of Venus Protocol benefit from a secure lending environment. One of the reasons it’s more secure than others is the use of backing by deposited collateral. You can even mint synthetic stablecoins with the collateral.

You don’t have to break the bank when lending and borrowing on this platform. While you may have low costs to borrow, you also benefit from the gain of higher interest rates when you lend assets. Anyone who borrows from you pays interest on that crypto, according to Finbold.

Midas Miner

Midas Miner has made the art of earning and trading tokens fun thanks to its use of gaming technology. Users can engage in a play-to-earn game where they mine for gold, collect NFTs, do training, and dig up fun prizes like exclusive rewards. As you play, you can buy or even rent better and stronger characters. It’s hard to get bored as the game’s landscape is constantly changing. Developers have an evolving map that always has fresh content. Users are encouraged to participate more since player rankings come with financial rewards. Every week or month, you may earn these additional incentives as you level up in the game.

As you can see, the world of BNB chains is exciting to watch and take part in. If you haven’t been sure where to start, you should consider these top 3 platforms. These BNB Chain apps have earned their popularity ranking due to their liquidity, user-friendliness, community involvement, creativity, and more.