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Cremation Jewelry for Men: Types, Costs & Where to Buy One

Cremation Jewelry for Men: Types, Costs & Where to Buy One

Often, we want to commemorate and honor the passing of a loved one. We want to cherish our loved ones’ memories by looking at a particular object.

Cremation jewelry offers a subtle yet sentimental value to a piece of jewelry as this jewelry represents a life that we once cherished.

Some cremation jewelry incorporates your loved ones. For example, professionals can turn their ashes into diamonds, and their bones can melt into glass or resin.

What Are Some Different Types of Masculine-Looking Cremation Jewelry?

Buying cremation jewelry for men is a common struggle because of its sleek designs.

Here are a couple of styles to choose from if you want a masculine look.

Cylinder Urn Pendant

You can keep your loved one’s ashes in a cylinder pendant by wearing it around your neck and keeping it with you wherever you go.

This cylindrical cremation necklace features a sleek, modern design and non-tarnish material.

Bullet Urn Pendant

This pendant suits gun enthusiasts, marksmen, or hunters—bullet urns are great to commemorate their death; by what they loved.

You can also pick out a customized bullet shell where you can fit your loved one’s ashes.

Dog Tag Urn Necklace Pendant

Dog tags are traditionally thin. However, pendants are thicker, with more space to put your loved one’s ashes.

Personalized dog tags like these help create a portable memorial fit for your loved ones.

Rectangular Urns

Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, even in rings. Rings are a fantastic way to show yourself that they can still watch over you. The rectangle has a compartment inside that can store the ashes.

This Detailed Rectangle Setting Cremation Ring comes in 17 different sizes and offers kits to ensure your ring finger size is correct.

Diamond Urn Pendant

Diamonds give the wearer an elegant yet serene moment. Remembering their loved ones through a piece of jewelry they love gives them hope that they are in a better place.

The Diamond Setting Cremation Ring from Close by Me Jewelry gives a sense of relief to those who are still mourning.

Military Medallion Urn

The pain of loss is truly irreplaceable. You may not be able to bring back their loved ones, but you can remember them for the hero they were.

A medallion pendant can serve as a way to honor their sacrifice.

How Much Does Cremation Jewelry For Men Cost?

Cremation jewelry costs around $200-$1,680.

The material for this jewelry usually comprises gold and silver and has different finishes. All rings are personalized and customized that suit your needs.

Where Can You Buy Cremation Jewelry For Men?

There are plenty of sources for creative and customized designs for cremation jewelry. So we decided to break down all the marketplaces and want to show you why we only buy from these three websites.


Amazon offers a wide selection of jewelry that you can ask to personalize. In addition, they offer free shipping on a minimum purchase.


Etsy is a website where hobbyists gather, and this is mainly the platform where you can ask for my customization options.

Close by Me Jewelry

Close by Me Jewelry is a website specializing in cremation jewelry that focuses on giving customers the best experience.


Wearing cremation jewelry serves as a way to honor when you wear these pieces every day and carry them with us wherever you go.

Everyone experiences loss. With these, we no longer have to go through it alone.