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Short Hairstyles

The Best Short Hairstyles You Should Try Now

Every new season comes with the urge and needs to change a thing or two for yourself. While renovating your living area and planning a new project is important, changing your hairstyles should be one of the changes for the new season, and rocking one of the best short hairstyles is the best way to achieve that year. A new hairdo gives you more confidence to face the recent times, bringing an instant transformation.

However, once you decide to try a new hairstyle, there is another great challenge of choosing which one to wear. The important things to consider in a new hairdo are the hair color, length, and your head’s shape. Once you decide to change your hairstyle, here are some short hairstyles to try. Take a look.

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob style is not new because it has been among the best short hairstyles trending. Many women prefer this hairdo because it projects a sense of femininity and is also simple to maintain. The blunt bob style is not picky with hair type and head shape, although you need an experienced stylist to help you achieve the style.

Natural Textured Hair

You can texturize your hair if you don’t want to cut your hair or wear wigs. Textured hair is easy to maintain because it does not shrink like the natural one. The textured hair is also easy to style. You can dye it a color that matches your complexion well or leaves it in a completely natural state.

Beach Waves

Summer is coming, and you can take this advantage to try the beach waves. Or don’t you want to match your hairdo with the water waves in the ocean? This hairdo is easy to achieve and style. The waves are also elegant and last longer using the beach aces mousse.

Shag Style

If you are looking for a medium-length hairdo, the shag stands out as one of the best short hairstyles to try. Although the hairdo was common in the 70s, most women still find it beautiful. It has messy bangs and rock and roll attitude-shaped strands. However, women modernize this hairdo by adding more texture which face flatters the wearer.


Do you want to put your hair in a protective style? Braids are the way to go. Luckily, once you braid the hair, you won’t worry about other styles for a month or two. Besides, you can style the braids in many ways and choose different colors. You can also get the short or long and thick or thin.

Pixie Haircuts

One of the most trending short hairstyles you cannot fail to try is the pixie hairdo. You can choose different styles of pixie from the many available. Ensure you also get a hair expert to trim your hair into a pixie hairdo.

Curly Afro Hairdo

How much do you like curly hair? Curls add volume and aesthetics to your hair, and they are among the best short hairstyles trending this year. The curly hair looks more elegant in an afro. However, if you have naturally straight hair, avoid using heat to curl it. You can instead use curling creams and mousse because heat damages your strands.

Classic Ponytail

Ponytails are beautiful and easy to achieve, but they require you to have long hair. You can choose to have the ponytail at the back of the head or on the crown. Other women dye their hair blonde and other colors at the ends to get a colored ponytail.

Curly Bangs

Adding bangs to your hairstyle is always a good idea. You can make some curly ones at the front and let them fall on your forehead or the sides. Also, avoid using heat products to make the bangs. There are other instruments like rollers to bring out good and neat bangs.

Layered Hair

People with thin hair can style their strands into layers to increase volume. However, you have to be willing for a chop to achieve this style. Other women dye their hair in the different shades at the end of the strands to make them more noticeable. The hairdo fits women with long and short hair, although it should be past your shoulders.