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How Shopware PWA Can Change The Mobile User Experience

How Shopware PWA Can Change The Mobile User Experience

The competition out there is wild, and it’s no longer about what you are trying to sell but how you are doing it. Numerous eCommerce business owners are racking their brains on how to engage new visitors and offer them new experiences and options. Some of them restore to Shopware PWA development, a new technology that allows users to interact with the store’s content in a more easy way. Access top-notch Shopware PWA services to take your online presence to the next level. 

Meanwhile, in this article, we’ll talk about what Shopware PWA is, its main features, and why it relates to the superior mobile experience. Keep on reading to learn how using Shopware PWA will help you increase the number of users accessing your store via mobile devices. 

What Is Shopware PWA? 

Progressive web application, or shortly PWA, is a fairly new technology that appeared on the market in 2015. It’s a mix between a mobile application and a website that has features of both. 

Shopware PWA is a technology that was created from scratch to benefit from all the features and functionality of Shopware 6. Its stack includes the frontend, backend, and API layers. 

At first, Shopware PWA can look just like an ordinary website. You can open it via a browser, find it in the search engines, etc. It won’t feel any different from using other websites. The difference is in the fact that when you open PWA from the mobile browser, it looks and can be used as a native app. You’ll also be able to download it and use it as a native app on your phone. 

Shopware PWA Advantages

Now let’s talk about what’s in Shopware PWA for you as a digital business owner. In fact, Shopware PWA offers lots of advantages to those who want to enhance their online presence. Let’s review some of them: 

High Loading Speed

Low conversion rates often are a direct consequence of slow loading speed. Many eCommerce business owners struggle to increase their website speed via different methods. Shopware PWA utilizes such technologies as data prefetching and edge catching that allow it to deliver data to the customer’s device quicker. With or without an internet connection, users are able to view the site’s pages without waiting for them to load for a long time. 

With Shopware PWA, pictures, text, and other pieces of content load quickly and proficiently. 

Reduced Size Of Apps

Lots of users won’t install your application if it’s huge in size. No one wants to slow down their phone speed with apps that take too much of a phone’s storage space. Comparing Shopware PWA to the regular native apps, it takes significantly less space and doesn’t affect device performance and speed. 

Presenting your customers with a choice to install an application that doesn’t take lots of space increases the chances of expanding your target audience. 

Easy Installation On Devices

With Shopware PWA, you don’t need to go to the Play Store or similar platforms to install it. Instead, you can access the app while visiting the PWA through your browser. With the Add to Home screen button, your users can install the PWA on their devices in one click. 

The process is simple and quick compared to the installation of regular native apps, which contributes to the positive experience of interacting with your online business. 

Offline Mode

One of the major advantages of PWA is that it works just fine with and without an internet connection. Now your users won’t be dependent on a stable internet connection to browse through the pages or make orders. 

How does it work? All of the data is kept on the in-built service workers, which means that users won’t need to download it over and over again every time they access the store. 

Cross-browser and cross-device compatibility

Last but not least is that Shopware PWA works perfectly on every device you use. With mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, and other digital devices, you can enjoy the perfectly laid out store on all of them. Similarly, with Shopware PWA, there’s no difference when it comes to using various browsers. Unlike some programs that can’t run correctly on different browsers, Shopware PWA ensures that you don’t have such a problem. 

What Makes Shopware PWA Stand Out?

These and other features make Shopware PWA a perfect solution for those eCommerce businesses that want to optimize their online presence and widen their target audience. Besides the described advantages of Shopware PWA, let’s also mention some of its other features that contribute to its suitability for eCommerce businesses: 

  • SEO-friendly
  • Cheaper in terms of development and maintenance
  • Provides room for creativity and customization
  • Can easily integrate with other tools and technologies 

In times when businesses are constantly competing on how to engage customers, Shopware PWA offers a fair solution to provide your users with a superior experience. 

Sum Up 

And that’s pretty much it. Shopware PWA is a new technology that allows businesses to engage more customers to access their businesses via mobile devices. Visiting a website via mobile browsers is often not comfortable, and installing a native app often is long and tiresome process. Meanwhile, Shopware PWA solves both of these challenges. 

If you want to implement PWA technology into your business, it’s better to turn to professional Shopware development services, to ensure the right implementation and support of the technology.