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Best Australian Jewellery Brands

10 Best Australian Jewellery Brands

What could be more satisfying than accessorizing a look with the ideal set of Jewellery? So the top Australian Jewellery brands are your great option for obtaining lovely jewels, ornaments, and gems. 

Try out such well-known Australian Jewellery brands for the latest sparkly tribute to add to your wardrobe, if it’s a combination of styling dramatic earrings or indeed a tiny diamond ring. Choose a gorgeous item from one of these lovely Australian Jewellery brands to enhance your appearance.

YCL Jewels

Each set of Jewellery by Australian Jewellery company YCL Jewels awakens a soul relation by integrating the divinity with the gorgeous. Self-taught jeweler and creator of YCL Fabienne left her job as a nurse in 2013 to focus on creating a company that would be both attractive and purposeful. 

Due to the need for premium materials and imaginative shapes, its award-winning lines of responsibly manufactured astrological Jewellery have gone viral on Instagram. To discover a range of pendants and necklaces that you may combine to make your own item, look through the Design It area.

PurpleMay Jewellery

One of the favorite Australian Jewellery brands, PurpleMay Jewellery was founded in Melbourne in 2009. It’s no surprise that even this brand has gained an ideal following because it is vibrant and joyful yet still elegant and sophisticated. 

Every piece created by PurpleMay Jewellery is handcrafted with responsibly sourced and properly mined natural resources and gemstones. 

Sarah & Sebastian

Sarah & Sebastian create stunning fine Jewellery that is excellent for styling, such as elegant necklaces and bands, as well as strong sculpting designs that stand out on their own. 

Every piece is individually created in their Sydney studio using sustainably sourced stones, recycled gold, as well as silver. Its designs feature both avant-garde contemporary and innovative viewpoints of the standards.

Saint Valentine

Magnificent Jewellery is one of the few items that can truly make an appearance stand out, and Saint Valentine’s chic basics are the same everywhere. The elegant items are made from fabrics that have been responsibly chosen, as well as the company even provides a 50% store credit in return for pre-owned items that are returned. 

Saint Valentine has what you need, whether you’re looking for an elegant pearl necklace to match with a timeless linen outfit, gold earrings for easy, everyday use, simple chains made for layering, or chic hair elastics in different shades.

Amber Sceats

Amber Sceats is next on the list. Now since its launch in 2012, the brand, which is a homage to expression, has rapidly acquired popularity with the public. 

Amber Sceats has reinvented Jewellery design by finding the best artisans in the Tuscan and Parisian regions and fusing their artistic styles. It makes sense why celebrities have been photographed wearing the brand.

Christie Nicolaides

A devoted global following has quickly been won over by the renowned Jewellery company Christie Nicolaides because of its distinctive Jewellery creations. She pays tribute to her creative culture and Greek ancestry in each design. 

The artistic approach of the company, which is carried out by talented artisans in Asia and Europe, demonstrates how each design is crafted with head crowns to bracelets, pendants, and bands, each piece is meant to be used either alone or with others as a whole look.

Petite Grand

The characteristic of Petite Grand is excellent Jewellery for regular use. The Australian Jewellery company, which Tanja Kovacevic founded with the goal of offering simple and polished goods that represent her unique sense of style, offers something to suit everyone’s tastes, from modest bracelets to bold pendants and earrings. 

Such delicate and elaborately patterned designs, which may be combined or used alone for a carefree everyday style, are what make them so popular. Petite Grand is a must-have for any Jewellery enthusiast and is a constant favorite of the stylish and elegant.

Temple Of The Sun

Temple of the Sun, which is based in Byron Bay, offers your ready source for ethically made Jewellery with a colorful yet modest touch. You may anticipate several analogies to astrology and Ancient Greece in the handmade patterns, which draw influence from historical iconography. 

Temple of the Sun is run by the creative duo of Yonna Derofe and Darren Gallant, who frequently create new designs. Most recent? A chic line of fine Jewellery made of solid gold that combines dramatic Victorian and Roman designs.

Mountain & Moon

Just at Western Australian Jewellery company Mountain & Moon, extravagance and purism are the norm of the day. They have always been about bold and stunning Jewellery that makes you experience like a princess, with glamorous designs that combine elements from various ages, civilizations, and styles. 

Audrey Allen and Ashton Cameron, the company’s creators, take motivation for their new designs and engage with the surrounding communities where all items are professionally handcrafted by craftsmen.

Holly Ryan

The creations of Australian beauty expert Holly Ryan are masterfully created. The jeweler who studied fine arts and is a publicly recognized sculptor makes items that resemble little works of visual art. Natural sources, dreamlike hand-carved ornaments, engraved pushed coin necklaces, and terracotta Jewellery fashioned from natural materials gathered from the Amalfi Coast are just a few of her creations. 

As an artisan who is constantly changing, you can anticipate her approach to change with the seasons. She is concerned about sustainability and obtains repurposed metals and clean stones throughout her creations.

(Extra) Reliquia

Reliquia, titled after the Spanish word for heirloom, creates antique clothing that may be worn year-round. The decorative period and your grandma’s Jewellery box both serve as inspiration for the classic forms and powerful architectural designs found here. 

You’ll discover yourself seeking any justification to buy another item when earrings, necklaces, bangles, and hairbands feature details like exquisite engraving and attempts that give a fresh flavor.

What Jewellery Designs Are Most In Demand?

Gold Jewellery has recently been one of the most popular metal styles, despite the fact that silver has indicated a return. Additionally popular lately are chunkier designs like chain links, natural pearls, necklace sets, and vibrant gemstones. Another type of Jewellery that has recently gained popularity on social media networks is kitsch polymer clay rings, which are favored by fashionable and fashion-forward.

To Sum Up

Although it can be appealing to think that Jewellery must constantly be either pricey or genuine, there are many digital-first companies that are overcoming the barrier in pricing. 

You can stay up to speed with the newest trends without going over budget due to a number of the brands on the lists in Australia, including PurpleMay Jewellery.