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Off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO: Why Is It Important?

Have you been focusing on your website content and you’re still not improving in your rankings? If you’ve been ignoring your off-page SEO strategy then look no further. This is a key aspect of any SEO strategy that will make your site more visible. Essentially, you want quality links to send people to your site. You can improve your domain rating by working with an SEO agency to understand the overall effectiveness of your SEO strategy. 

What is Off-Page SEO?

Yes, you want external sites to send their users to your site. Nevertheless, off-page SEO is more than just link building. It’s also a way to increase credibility and raise your rankings by generating specific content that your users actually want to see. If you work with an SEO agency to get SEO link building services, you’ll also do a full analysis of your competitors and they’ll even go back and update your old pages for you. 

Reviewing your domain authority gives you an idea of how successful your SEO strategy is. It isn’t actually used by Google but it gives you a good indication of where you are with regards to your competitors and how likely you’ll rank higher. And off-page is a great way to build your domain rating. 

The easiest way to build your off-page presence is with an SEO agency because of the time and industry knowledge required. They’ll also work with you to get the right links as detailed below:

  • Natural links
  • Built links
  • Created links

Natural Links

This is the ultimate organic follower. Essentially, natural links come from people who decide to link to your site because they might be following you or came across your page and simply liked it. You and your SEO agency are doing something right at this point although, of course, you can’t just sit back and hope for these to come along. 

Built Links

An SEO agency adds huge value when it comes to built-links. Over time, they’ve built up a network of webmasters, publishers or other reputable sites that are willing to take your off-page content. An SEO agency could then further promote your content with an ad campaign across various sites to increase your backlinks. 

Created Links

In this case, an SEO agency or yourself can submit your website details to directories and forums. You’re then registered on their site as the expert or preferred provider for whatever you’re offering. It’s a simple way to get started but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be clicked on. 

How an SEO Agency Improves Your Domain Authority 

Domain rating is about having relevant content but it’s also about knowing your competitors and how you differentiate yourself. With an off-page SEO strategy, you don’t just increase your domain authority and the likelihood of ranking higher. You also increase your credibility. In order to get that right, you need to work with reputable sites which is where an SEO agency comes into play and help you with the following: 

  • Trusted websites 
  • Quality content
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Publications 

Trusted websites 

Clearly, you need to connect with websites that have a good reach of users. The idea is that if people want to link to your site, it must be worth viewing. An SEO agency will reach out to trusted websites on your behalf. You can further boost your backlinks by sharing your off-page content on social media and joining an industry-relevant association, for example. 

Quality Content

Everything comes down to quality. That’s how you get noticed and build trust with your followers. An SEO agency will help you gauge how you’re doing by checking your backlinks as well as your competitor’s backlinks. Sometimes it’s helpful to understand where others are being directed to. 

Influencer Marketing 

Off-page SEO enhances your ranking through backlinks but also by being more visible. It’s all about generating positive engagement. Another great way to do this is to connect with influencers. 


Another highly useful option to raise your credibility is to post your off-page content on external publications, especially if they’re industry specific. You showcase your product and you get validation for your website. 

SEO Agency Boosts Off-page SEO

Parting Words on How an SEO Agency Boosts Off-page SEO 

You can have a perfectly optimised website but without an off-page strategy, you’re limiting yourself. It’s your off-page SEO that brings you credibility and makes you visible. You clearly have to have useful content that people want to read such that they’re curious enough to click on your links and come to your site.

Working with an SEO agency can enhance your off-page strategy much more than you can alone. That’s because they have the industry contacts and expertise to know how to best conduct your outreach. Moreover, they have the teams available to get your content out in a timely manner so that you’re constantly ahead of your competition. That’s how you win domain authority and higher rankings.

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