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From Manual to Digital 3 Advantages of Implementing Face Recognition Time Clock Systems

From Manual to Digital: 3 Advantages of Implementing Face Recognition Time Clock Systems

Many people are already using time clock apps. However, when you mention biometric systems – then almost some suspicion occurs. It seems that some are still having a hard time accepting the novelties, and for them, moving from manual to face recognition time clock system was a real shock. However, to accept everything better – we must somewhat know about it. Therefore, here are 3 advantages of implementing face recognition software.

Why are the Biometric Time Clock Systems Different From the Others?

First of all, we must say that biometry is no longer science fiction – although it seemed like it until recently. This technology is using some characteristic body measures to identify people. For this type of identification, the fingerprint is most often used. However, we also use scanning of the eyes, because it is almost impossible to fake it. Speaking of the face recognition time clock system, we must say it usually works on a photographic principle. Such systems are comparing facial features – that is, identifying someone based on facial recognition. Also, some time clock systems are operating based on the fingerprint – but the face recognition time clock system is still prevailing.

Advantages of Biometric Time Clock Systems

Devices and apps that work on the principle of biometrics have many advantages. Let’s focus on three of them.

1. Accuracy and precision

This is a foolproof technology. Of course, you will say that in everything man has created, man can deceive. Maybe, but with biometrics, this possibility is reduced to the absolute minimum. When the device recognizes the face of your employee, it’s hard for someone to fake his arrival at work, right?

2. Cost reduction

Although many of you will say that the face recognition time clock system must cost a lot – that is not always the case. When you look at the savings you will achieve on a long-term level – you will understand that this is an investment that is well worth it.

3. Data security

Since it is practically impossible to fake someone’s face, these systems are very safe. Information on person recognition has only the employer for which you work. The company must respect your data privacy, including facial recognition data. Also, such software is most often storing data on the cloud and it’s very well protected by special highly strong, and coded passwords. So, we can say that the face recognition time clock system happens to be one of the safest options you can get.

The Bottom Line

In addition to the reasons we have previously given you, one of the most important is probably the possibility of working remotely. Namely, if in your company you have workers who work remotely, it is clear that you have to control their arrival and departure from work. Therefore, these types of systems are very convenient to use and have proven to be very practical in pandemic conditions because they are contactless and safe for use.