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Dyson Airwrap Travel Pouch

Easily Store Your Styler and Three Attachments With the Dyson Airwrap Travel Pouch

Store Your Styler and Three Attachments

Dyson engineers designed the dyson airwrap travel pouch to conveniently store your styler’s base unit, charger and three attachments when you’re on-the-go. Crafted with soft heat-resistant fabric and an elegant ribbon to hold everything in place when not in use.

This Deluxe Edition of the Airwrap comes in two shades, including Prussian Blue (the first color offered). It includes six styling attachments: two curling barrels of different widths, a firm smoothing brush, round volumizing brush and drying attachment – plus you get a leather storage case and filter cleaning brush – both included as part of the original Airwrap package.

The new Airwrap has some notable differences from its predecessor. Most notably, it only offers three temperature settings instead of the four offered by its predecessor; this is said to be due to the need to keep styling tools at lower temperatures in order to prevent hair damage.

Dyson is now offering the Airwrap in limited-edition black/purple and red variations, though these products are limited-edition. Furthermore, this model has been re-engineered with a more ergonomic shape.

The Dyson Airwrap is an incredible hot air styler that can do it all: curl, wave, smooth and dry without using excessive heat. However, its size makes it a bit bulky in your luggage when you take the whole set with you; thus Dyson has now released the Dyson Airwrap Travel Pouch as an alternative to the standard tan case that ships with it.