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Finding The Ideal Pub To Rent To Become A Pub Landlord

Finding The Ideal Pub To Rent To Become A Pub Landlord

Many people dream of a career change and becoming a pub landlord, which they see as the ideal job for them, allowing them to socialise and have a significant role in the local community. Although many pubs are closing throughout the UK, there are still plenty of excellent opportunities for those wishing to become landlords. However, there are various factors to consider before rushing in and accepting a tenancy as a pub landlord. Below, you can see multiple factors you must consider that can help you select the right establishment for your preferences and ensure you choose the best pub to rent.

The Role Of A Pub Landlord

Before looking for pubs to let in your preferred area, you must ensure you fully understand the role of a pub landlord. Many people think it is an easy job, and you get to spend lots of time socialising with the locals and having a drink, but there is much more to the role. You are responsible for running the business, and all that entails, which includes:

  • Adhering to licensing laws and regulations
  • Stock control
  • Managing employees
  • Marketing the business
  • Health & safety
  • Financial planning
  • Customer service

With no experience working in pubs, working for a brewery or a pub management company is an excellent choice, as they offer plenty of support and guidance to help ensure your success. 

Choosing The Right Type Of Pub

You can run various types of pubs as a landlord, so you must look at all the options and decide which is the best fit for you and your circumstances. There are many options you can consider which might be suitable, such as:

  • A Country Pub
  • A Local Pub
  • A City Centre Pub
  • A Gastro Pub
  • A Chain Pub
  • A Sports Pub
  • A Music Pub

Decide which type of establishment appeals to you most before you start looking at the available pubs. Doing this can make your search significantly easier and ensure you select the perfect pub for your needs.

The Ideal Location

Choosing a pub in a suitable location is imperative to ensuring the success of your venture. Choose a pub in a vibrant area, if possible, with plenty of foot traffic to ensure plenty of people visit your establishment. If you choose a pub that attracts a younger clientele, you should pick one in a suitable location, such as a town or city centre. You will want to look at the local demographics of the pub you are considering, any local competition, and factors like accessibility, parking, and the local economy. You want to ensure that your chosen pub will have plenty of steady traffic of potential customers, giving you the best chance of success.

Assessing The Premises

When you begin to look at potential pubs more closely, you will want to visit them to assess the premises and see what they are like. You will want to look at the décor and general state of the pubs and see if they require any investment in decorating them. If they sell food, see what they offer, and try the drinks to see what they are like. The outside of the pub is also vital to assess, and you want to ensure that they look appealing to people passing by. Another thing you will want to inspect is the state of the toilets, which can tell you a lot about the pub and its clientele. Try visiting each pub you are considering multiple times and at different times of the day, which will give you a better understanding of what they are like and how busy they get. 

Look At The Lease

Once you have found a pub that interests you, you will want to look at the lease you are offered and ensure you understand it fully. It is worth hiring a solicitor to check the lease terms and ensure that you are happy with it before agreeing to it and signing it. Look at all the clauses in the lease and any potential financial implications listed, and if you are happy with everything, you can sign the lease and get ready to start your new adventure of becoming a pub landlord.

Being a pub landlord can be a highly satisfying and enjoyable career, no matter what type of pub you are running. Plenty of pubs are available throughout the UK when you are looking for somewhere to lease, so if you are flexible and diligent with your checks, you can find the perfect place to start your career as a pub landlord. Ensure you do plenty of research and do not rush into deciding; it could be the best thing you have ever done.