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Critical Role Of Nurses In Promoting Health And Wellness In Communities

Critical Role Of Nurses In Promoting Health And Wellness In Communities

Modern nurses wear multiple hats. Today’s nurses provide much more than the traditional bedside care for hospital patients. Since the development of contemporary medicine, the role of nurses has changed from being comforters to experts who offer treatment and education based on science. This seismic change has also led to a continuous increase in the demand for community health nurses in the United States.

Although their exact functions have changed over the years, the importance of nurses in healthcare remains evident. In fact, their roles and responsibilities have gone beyond the four walls of a hospital and into their communities and locales. This article outlines the critical roles of nurses in promoting health and wellness in communities.

Patient Care

Patient care is the primary role of nurses in communities. For nurses to do this, they must observe and track the patient and register any relevant data to help in the treatment decision-making process.

Nurses treat wounds, give medication, perform regular physicals, take thorough health records, check blood pressure, run screening procedures, handle medical devices, take blood samples, and admit and release patients.

Additionally, nurses perform bandage modifications, notify other nurses or medical professionals of patient health changes, record patient behaviors, ensure patients are comfortable, and perform other pertinent duties. The nurse monitors the patient’s development during therapy and takes appropriate action considering the patient’s best interests.

A nurse’s care goes beyond giving patients their pills and other treatments. The comprehensive care of patients, which may include attending to their emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs, is frequently the responsibility of nurses in communities.

Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy is a crucial component of nursing when promoting health and wellness in communities. Nurses frequently act as patient advocates to uphold patients’ medical, legal, and human rights.

The nurse needs to support the patient because many sick people cannot understand medical issues and respond accordingly. This could entail speaking up for the patient’s interests, mainly while choices about their care are being made.

Moreover, nurses frequently provide information and comfort to patients by responding to their concerns or questions regarding medical procedures, therapies, or any other element of their care. In consultation with the patient, the patient’s family, and other medical professionals, nurses may also advise changes to the therapeutic interventions for their patients.

Patient Education And Support

Patient education and support, a vital part of the University of Indianapolis ABSN program, is another role of nurses in communities. Nurses must ensure patients have the best possible understanding of their health, ailments, drugs, and therapies.

This becomes more crucial when patients are released from the hospital and compelled to keep up their care at home. Before a patient leaves a hospital or medical facility, a nurse should discuss what they can expect following treatment.

Nurses must also ensure the patient is not alone and knows where to go for more information. Nursing professionals share their knowledge, educate the public, encourage healthy lifestyles, and aid in patient recovery in every facet of healthcare.

Nurses can make the proper recommendations for various services, tools, and patient training by assisting patients and their families. They also inform patients about their treatment plan daily and when they leave the hospital. This is crucial for the treatment to be successful since patients need to be ready for every stage of their recovery and medication.

Promoting Health And Wellness In Communities

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