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How To Improve English Writing Skills

How To Improve English Writing Skills: An Ultimate Guide

Contrary to popular belief, writing still has value today. It has only embraced and incorporated new technologies. We read more now than ever before. Brand stories, columns, and blogs have replaced biographies and novels. Anyone is a writer if you look beyond the term’s literal meaning. Writing is essential for learning and working in any sector since it ensures efficient communication. In other words, improving one’s English writing skills is always beneficial—even if it’s only once a day for 15 minutes. Accordingly, this article reveals ways to improve English writing skills.

3 Easy Ways How To Improve Writing Skills In English

Constant practice and diligence are the keys to developing excellent writing abilities in English. Nobody is born a brilliant writer. Writing properly in English requires a lot of effort and practice. Therefore, you must start practicing to improve as a writer and establish your unique writing style. Anybody who is committed and works hard enough may become a good writer. People need to become better at writing in English for different purposes. Maybe you speak English rather well and only need to improve your writing abilities for a job or because you have to write essays for college. Here, we’ll go over some easy tips to improve writing skills in English.

#1. Read And Evaluate Writings Of Higher Quality To Improve Your Writing Skills In English

This is the most traditional and effective strategy for improving your writing. Shakespeare and many other famous writers in history learned to write this way. Nevertheless, “good writing” implies that an editor has examined and revised it. The best reading resources are newspapers, magazines, and books where you may discover this kind of writing. Conversely, most of the writing available online such as Facebook posts, message boards, and blogs, has been poorly edited and often contains misused terms, grammatical errors, and irregular punctuation. We don’t recommend you to learn English writing from these sources since you are at risk of picking up a lot of bad habits. However, a wealth of outstanding literature is accessible for free on the internet.

Websites With Quality Writing

There are many websites on the internet covering a wide range of subjects. For advanced and intermediate English students, here is a small selection of fascinating English-language websites:

  • The Guardian

The Guardian is among the most well-known news sources in the English-speaking world. It publishes numerous new letters, essays, and articles daily, covering every subject you can think of. For example, if your interest lies in the history of cities, the British website features more than 50 articles specifically regarding cities. If you spend a little time looking around the website, you will undoubtedly discover something that appeals to you.

  • Longform

Longform is a website that curates information, which implies they make lists of the greatest online articles, sometimes on specific subjects. For instance, a list of the top essays on road trips or films based on novels is available. There’s even a collection of great snow-themed literature. As their name implies, they concentrate on “longform” writing, which refers to works that are shorter than books but longer than articles. Such work will allow you to learn much about a particular subject and boost your vocabulary while finishing it quicker than you would a book.

  • The Book Of Life

This blog gives “life advice.” It includes common subjects such as how to advance your job or enhance your relationships. Moreover, it covers obscure issues, including how to write a good thank you letter or tell your life story. You may pick up a lot of advanced and intriguing vocabulary from the writing style, which is clear and not too basic.

#2. I’d Also Seek Professional Assistance Online To Help Improve My Writing Skills In English If I Were You

When writing, there are several elements to consider, including style, logic, organization, punctuation, and spelling. These language characteristics are less significant while speaking but vital when writing. Consequently, if I were you, I’d seek help online from professionals to improve my English writing skills. Many learning institutions and freelance companies provide writing instruction for learners, and their lessons and services are accessible online. The following are the options available online:

  • Professional Essay Writing Help

Since writing in English may require research, clearly expressing your thoughts, and proofreading, composing a high-quality essay from scratch might be difficult. For example, you could be unable to write well because you rarely speak using correct grammar, don’t read English literature as much, or lack an understanding of the language. As a result, seeking a custom English essay writing service may help you improve your writing skills. The CustomWritings website is your best choice for receiving reasonable and personalized assistance. You may browse the writing examples the company has provided on its webpage to get a sense of the quality of the papers its professional academic writers provide. The helpers might also provide advice on how to improve your writing. Their guidance will enable you to write better essays in the future that are devoid of grammatical errors, increasing your chances of improved academic performance.

  • Better Business Writing In English (Coursera)

This online 20-hour course teaches you how to write effective business presentations, proposals, and reports. It is ideal for those who are interested in pursuing careers in business. Among the best English-speaking learning institutions in the world, Georgia Tech, which also provides a 4-month course on English Communication Skills and a course on how to write professional emails, devised the course.

#3. Learn How To Recognize Poor Writing

Today, when the majority of writing programs have grammar check and autocorrect options, you would assume that they have eliminated “bad writing.” Nevertheless, there remains much poor writing since there are several ways to write poorly, despite your lack of grammar and spelling mistakes. Stop reading when you encounter anything difficult to read, then attempt to pinpoint the issue. You can improve your writing skills in English by considering the following questions for each sentence:

How To Approach Confusing Writing

  • Is the topic of the sentence evident?
  • Is it obvious why the writer desires to pursue this subject? What are they attempting to say here, specifically?
  • Are the connections between the sentences crystal clear? Particularly, does the sentence offer an explanation, a defense, a justification, or an illustration?
  • Do you understand how each word links to the others? Pay particular attention to terms including “they” and “it.”

You may conduct this activity with any material you read, but you must also employ it with your paper. Consider reading your work from the viewpoint of your intended readers by placing yourself in their place. You’ll notice your improvement as an effective writer when you can spot poor writing.