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Sun's Harmful Effects

5 Effective Ways To Protect Your Body From The Sun’s Harmful Effects

During summer, most people spend their time outdoors basking in the sun and taking advantage of the weather. While it’s good to soak up in the sun once in a while, too much exposure can be harmful to your skin. A good percentage of skin cancer patients today are due to sun exposure, so it’s important to take preventative measures to protect your body from the harmful effects of the sun.

The most immediate effect of sun exposure is sunburning, and with prolonged sun damage, the skin starts to discolor, wrinkle, dry up and become leathery. The skin weakens, which makes it easy for it to bruise. In severe cases, exposure to the sun’s harmful effects causes skin cancer. The following are effective ways to protect your body from the harmful effects of the sun.

Use Sunscreen

Using a sunscreen like Elta MD is one of the ways you can protect yourself from the sun’s harmful effects. Apply enough of it for at least 15 minutes before going out. If possible, use lip balms that contain sunscreen and ensure the sunscreen has a sun protection factor of at least 15. This protects you from UVB and UVA radiation. The sunscreen should be broad-spectrum, resistant to water, and protect you from sunburns and skin cancer risks.

Avoid Peak Sun

If possible, ensure the time you allocate to go outside to get some sun doesn’t expose you to peak sun. Don’t go outside to bask between 10 am and 4 pm, and if you do, ensure you find a shaded place to rest. This greatly minimizes the risk of skin damage.

Wear Protective Clothing

Your outfit is very instrumental in protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun, so choose it wisely when going outdoors. Choose long-sleeved outfits and long pants to keep you safe from exposure to UV rays. If possible, consider tightly woven clothes with darker colors as they offer more protection.

Use Sport Sunglasses

You can wear sunglasses if you have them to protect your eyes from the dangerous UV rays and minimize the risks of eye cataracts. Some sunglasses are suitable for blocking UVB and UVA rays, so choose those that work best for you. Overexposure to the sun damages the skin around your eyes, so wear sunglasses to protect both your skin and your vision. You don’t necessarily have to wear darker shades; choose labels that specify UVB and UVA coverage.

Wear A Hat

The hat provides cover to your face, ears, and part of the neck, so it’s good for protection from UV rays. Use hats made of tightly woven fabrics and not straw hats as they tend to let sunlight in through the hoes. If possible, wear a darker hat for more protection. A hat that has an all-around brim is best as it shades most of your face, so if you wear a baseball cap, ensure you apply sunscreen for more protection.

Spending time outdoors is a great way to minimize stress, stay physically active, and get the right amount of Vitamin D. However, there are some risks associated with overexposure to the sun, so you need to take precautions to protect your body from the radiation of UV rays as they harm skin cells.

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