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How To Invest In Crypto Safely

How To Invest In Crypto Safely?

Crypto investments are taken to a new level with the emergence of large and convenient crypto platforms and wallets for storing digital assets, but how to choose the safest crypto exchange among the variety offered on the Internet? Let’s discuss it today.

Here are some characteristics of the most secure cryptocurrency exchange:

  1. High level of protection against hackers. Only regulated centralized platforms provide the highest level of safety. They check every client and ask for KYC verification to ensure only honest people are working on a platform. If any suspicious activity is noticed, the user is blocked. All these actions help maintain a safe level of transactions for all other users.
  2. Fast and convenient cryptocurrency converter which shows all the needed information about a transaction – fees, prices, etc. The converter should calculate transactions according to the applicable rate in the market and indicate the commission without hidden fees.
  3. Availability of all large and popular crypto assets for trading.
  4. Customer support.
  5. Access to advanced trading tools and financial instruments.
  6. Convenient and intuitive interface.
  7. Fiat support and no limits for withdrawals.

Following this list of requirements, we can underline some of the best platforms: Binance, WhiteBIT, Coinbase, and Kraken.

How to Invest Crypto on WhiteBIT?

Use a cryptocurrency converter to make it simple. First, move your funds to the trading balance. Then select the currency you have in the left column on the converter and the coins you want to get in the right one. See the current price and the fee. Once the commission is paid, you will receive the needed assets in your account. For more information on how to invest in crypto, welcome to the WhiteBIT Blog – it offers many interesting articles and manuals on trading as well as the latest news from the industry.

What digital asset to invest in?

The fundamental idea behind crypto investments is to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies at varying prices to generate income. Choosing a digital asset is crucial, and here is a list of criteria that can help you analyze cryptocurrencies:

  1. Price chart and historical indicators.
  2. Trade volume and market capitalization.
  3. Listing on major crypto exchanges.
  4. The essence and technology of the project, including the application of its coins.
  5. The community and founders of the project.

By analyzing digital assets based on these factors, you can determine if they are worth investing in.