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Tourmaline Stone

Tourmaline Stone Meaning, Powers & Benefits For Health

Tourmaline is a crystalline gem stone varying in different colors sometimes referred to as a “rainbow stone”. Associated month for this stone is “October”.

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The word Tourmaline actually originated from the word “turamali” meaning “Unknown gemstones of mixed colors”. It is a stone known for inspiration, cleaning aura, awareness, better understanding, having empathy/sympathy for individuals and creative ideas.

  • Appearance: It is opaque, transparent and vitreous occurring in a variety of    colors like black, green, pink, blue, red, yellow, white, purple, grey, orange and brown. Most common one is Black Tourmaline stone.
  • Occurrence: It is most commonly found in granitic pegmatite, they are mined in Brazil, Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and India.


It is known to be a very powerful lucky stone, a stone of serenity, openness and receptiveness. Let’s have a look on its unique powers as prescribed below;

  1. Protective qualities: It protects one from negative and erratic energies.
  2. Supportive qualities: It builds Self Confidence, creativity and Self Esteem.
  3. Healing qualities: These qualities are highlighted in Mental, circulatory and nervous systems specifically.
  4. Grounding qualities: It cleanse, purify and transform dense energy (negativity) to lighter vibration, absorbs disharmonious energies, diffuses them and ultimately dissipates (waste) them.

It has phenomenal protective abilities as it creates a protective energetic shield around you to prevent negative energy intruding into body, mind, ideas and spirit. Secondly, it transmutes negative energy (bad thoughts, ideas etc.). So it doesn’t just put up a shield to keep it away from you but wonderful in taking negative energy. Tourmaline stone is just a powerful environmental cleanser. It cleanses one’s entire energetic system, aura, chakra, meridians, ideas, thoughts and moods.

It has mystic powers that help in tempting and compelling money oriented and healing energies. It enhances the balancing ability and offers protection on all levels ranging from psychic attack to complex and simple ones. Tourmaline wands are good for helping to focus energy on areas and places where they are really needed.

Benefits For Health:

Tourmaline stone has dominant and strengthening effects on the Nervous System, Circulatory System and Lymphatic System specifically.

  1. It offers therapies for migraines, headaches (tension and cluster), and mental strain.
  2. It gives energetic and emotional mental reset especially if you are stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts/moods, it negates despair, dominant thought pattern and domains.
  3. It actually stimulates the healing of torn muscles, scar tissues and adhesions in a way that it actually opens up blood flow (circulation) through the muscles and relieves their tension.
  4. It boosts optimism in a way that it releases anxieties, irritability and impatience.
  5. It gives positive feedback to healing skin disorders like cellulitis (irritation and redness of skin).
  6. It is used in laughter therapy (a therapy that uses humor to relieve pain and stress).
  7. It is good for digestion, aids in detoxing and lowering blood pressure.
  8. It is a useful mediation tool as it causes prevailing self-esteem for personal reflection and self-discovery of one’s own inner self.
  9. It helps release stress like if one’s nerves are frayed, it will actually dispel all that stress.
  10. It helps in dispelling anger, hopelessness and despair because it actually cleanses the negative energy around and elevates one’s mood.
  11. It is used in Spinal adjustment as already described its characteristic relieving strains ability.
  12. It is helpful in treating dyslexia (common learning difficulty), paranoia (feeling of distrustfulness) and improving/balancing hand-eye coordination.
  13. This stone aids in understanding yourself and others by taking you deeper into yourself diminishing fears, anxieties by promoting self-confidence.