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Drug Craving

3 Ways to Fight Drug Cravings

It’s easy to sustain a drug addiction as long as you have the money. But in between dosages of substances, people addicted to drugs often experience intense cravings that make life miserable depending on the substance. Different types of illicit drugs produce varying effects and debilitating consequences for the person addicted to drugs. That leaves you feeling like you may need rehab to deal with the cravings. Rehab programs are effective, but here are three more ways you can deal with cravings so you don’t continue abusing drugs.

1. Fight cravings with physical exercise

Working up a sweat is an excellent way to fight the cravings you’ll experience after stopping substance abuse. Your mind needs something intense to focus on while your body needs the resistance that comes from strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Lifting weights helps you build strength and focus your negative emotions on a challenging task. Cardiovascular exercise boosts energy and is great for mental health and sleep. While recovering from drugs, you’ll need more energy to fight cravings. Additionally, your mental health must be stable so you have the strength needed to battle a serious addiction. As long as you can work out and keep up with physical exercise, you’ll be on your way to fighting cravings and overcoming your addiction.

2. Eat healthy snacks

Healthy snacks will provide your mind and body with the energy and nutrients needed to keep your body functioning efficiently. While ongoing substance abuse will gradually destroy your body, staying healthy by eating blueberries, nuts, yogurt, moderate amounts of chocolate, vitamin-rich snack bars, and bananas can keep your body satisfied and your brain’s reward system working to convince you that you don’t need a much more intense reward, like using substances. Snacks keep you feeling happy and in a better mood, as your body stays updated with nutrients. The downside of eating snacks is weight gain, so while you’re in recovery, focus on eating healthy foods for your diet. With a nutritious balance of foods and snacks, your body and mind will lean more toward healthy and normal, leaving you feeling less of a need to fill it with harmful substances.

3. Drink more water

Your body depends on water and without it, you can’t be healthy. Water flushes out harmful toxins from your body that would otherwise continue to make you feel sick. According to Harvard Health, water also carries nutrients and oxygen to your body’s cells while also stabilizing your heartbeat. Without enough water, you can suffer dehydration, which will produce headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, and exhaustion. Being tired and sick won’t put you in the best place to fight cravings and sustain abstinence from substances. Water keeps you healthy, and the healthier your body is, the less likely you’ll succumb to drug cravings, as you won’t be weighed down by medical symptoms.

Your body depends on healthy foods and plenty of water to function at its best. But when you’ve spent years abusing drugs, your body is rigged toward wanting toxins like greasy foods, more drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. Drinking more water and eating healthy snacks is key to overcoming cravings for drugs, as is getting in the habit of doing more physical exercise. For the future of fighting drug addiction, visit

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