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Landlord Stress

A Proven Way to Reduce Landlord Stress

Even if you love the day-to-day responsibilities of owning rental properties, some of these responsibilities are stressful and time-consuming. One of the most exasperating and frustrating is evictions. Property evictions are never pleasant. As a landlord, you have alternatives to legal hassles, hard feelings, guilt, manipulation, and sometimes even physical danger. A property management company can take this off your plate.

Property management companies offer a range of services. Some offer full-service, hands-off management so that you can travel the world and never worry about your properties. Who doesn’t want passive income? But some professional property managers offer a cafeteria of services so that you can focus on what you enjoy. And very few landlords enjoy evicting tenants.

Evictions and legal complications top the top ten reasons for landlord misery. As a landlord, you want to be nice and maintain good relationships with your tenants, but sometimes that just doesn’t work. A property manager can step in so that you can remove yourself from the situation.

What if the family who leased your condo for two weeks doesn’t leave? There are so many ways an eviction can go wrong. Who (other than lawyers) has time to follow the legal requirements of the eviction process? The legal eviction process in California was complicated before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now there are more complications.

Tenants in California can sue landlords for wrongful eviction. If you don’t follow every specific rule and procedure, then you may find yourself paying out for statutory damages, actual damages, and even your tenant’s attorney fees. Think about how it will feel to write a large check to the person who has made your life miserable. That’s a high cost both financially and emotionally. Fortunately, that is an avoidable situation.

A difficult tenant can be exasperating. But don’t give in to the temptation of locking out the renter or moving their personal items to the street. If you try to rush the process, then the penalties can be huge. Under Cal. Civ. Code § 789.3, California bars lockouts and self-evictions. A quick Google search for “sue my landlord” will show hundreds of law firms eager to take your tenants’ side. They will happily rack up hours and legal fees that you may end up being responsible for. Avoid this mess and contract with a property management company that will protect your interests.

A property management company, unfortunately, has to work through eviction lawsuits several times a year. They know the eviction process and how to execute it perfectly. If there is a complication, property managers have legal teams on retainer who can help. If you own enough rental properties for enough time, you will eventually need to evict someone. It happens to every landlord. And it is extremely stressful.

Property managers cost money and it can be tempting to do everything yourself to save money. This is always an option, but do you need the added stress and anxiety? The professional fees may be worth the peace it brings to your life.

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