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How To Upgrade Your Closet Essentials

Upgrading your wardrobe essentials is all about getting rid of the old and making room for the new! You’re likely familiar with the wardrobe staples you need in your closet, but do you know how to make those items even better? We didn’t think so. In this article, we’ll go over how to upgrade your closet essentials for fashion success.

Declutter Your Closet

Get rid of any clothes that you no longer like to wear. Jeans are a closet staple, but if they are finally starting to fall apart, it’s time to donate these items and get some that are new! You can still shop for sustainable options and must-have accessories, but be real and get jeans you know will last. Look for quality brands and starchy denim for durable jeans to last you all year. Freeing up closet space from your mountainous pile of jeans will give you more room to consider adding other items you haven’t considered until now.

Update Your Bra Collection

Bras are becoming much more comfortable and versatile. Instead of buying whatever is available, you can get custom bras without spending much money. Today, many brands think about the consumer and how they can make the best bras to meet individual body shapes. Consider adding a lace bralette or two to your collection. Having some lightweight bras for the summer can make it easy to create summer outfits that keep you cool.

Revitalize Your Shirts

Today’s fashion is all about sustainability. You can save money by wearing the same shirts you already own but make them feel brand-new! For your solid t-shirts that are starting to fade, get some vegan dye and revamp their original color!

You can find special fabric dyes for sensitive skin as well. Make sure to wear gloves as you do your DIY projects so you don’t stain! For white t-shirts, get creative and consider tie-dyeing your shirts instead. You really can’t go wrong with creative applications to improve your fashion game!

Donate Old Jackets

If the jackets that you currently have aren’t as on-trend as they used to be, donate these gently-used items or sell them for cash at consignment shops near you. You can even sell your clothes online! You can use your money to buy new jackets that were made to last. Choose sustainable options and find vintage leather and denim jackets that are genuinely one-of-a-kind. These babies will last you a while!

Buy New Tank Tops

Your tank tops are probably your base layer for many outfits. Since you wear them so often, they are probably stretched out by now. Get yourself some linen sleeveless tops and donate your old ones. You deserve to enjoy new clothes when you need them! The goal here is to buy the things you need WHEN you need them. Don’t over-shop, but don’t deprive yourself of fashion essentials!

Get New Shoes

If your shoes are wearing thin, it’s time for new ones. Stick with your essentials: sneakers, heels, and flats. If it’s summer, upgrade your worn-out flip-flop collection for something better. Make sure you stick with breathable footwear options so your feet don’t overheat. If you’re someone who loses their socks a lot, first off – get organized, and second, get new socks from Q for Quinn Inc.! You can find cool max options to support your feet as well!

The Bottom Line

To upgrade your closet essentials, stick to the basics and replenish these items as needed. Consider the above suggestions as you create an updated closet with all the essentials you need this year. Don’t forget to shop for sustainable finds whenever possible. Happy styling!