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Shark Tank Updates On ChordBuddy

Travis Perry is a guitarist and music instructor who has taught hundreds of aspiring musicians how to play the guitar, which he argues is both the most popular and one of the most difficult and frustrating instruments to learn. Travis’ 8-year-old daughter started learning to play the guitar, and he was ecstatic to be passing on one of his life’s hobbies to his kid. She, like so many other youngsters and adults, wanted to stop after witnessing how difficult it was and feeling the agony in her fingers before she could even play a tune.

Travis thought there had to be a better method for others to learn how to play his beloved instrument, despite his disappointment. He set out to create a device that would help new guitarists overcome the challenges of mastering the guitar, and he came up with a guitar learning system that used an attachment for the instrument to enable new players to instantaneously play the notes of four major chords and hundreds of tunes. His daughter picked it up fast and requested that his father create the gadget so that others might learn as well.

Travis, a Dothan, Alabama native, had seen the impacts of the area’s economic downturn, and it was crucial to him that his new product be manufactured in the United States by American employees. He is proud of his town and wanted to use his new invention, the ChordBuddy, to help give back.

Travis focused on fine-tuning the ChordBuddy (pun intended) and had some early success in introducing his invention to the market, generating interest among local would-be guitarists. The issue was that he was rapidly running out of cash for manufacturing and marketing. He strummed his way into the Shark Tank, hoping to gain the finance and marketing push he needed to take the ChordBuddy to the next level.

On Shark Tank, ChordBuddy

Season 3 Episode 3 Of Shark Tank

Travis starts by informing the Sharks that he is seeking $125,000 in return for a 10% stake in ChordBuddy. Everyone wants to learn how to play the guitar, and he claims to have created a gadget that can help anybody learn.

The ChordBuddy is a guitar neck attachment that has four color buttons for each of the four major chords: G, D, C, and E Minor. Travis gets out his guitar and plays a couple of tunes to showcase the ChordBuddy.

Kevin said that the ChordBuddy was a “cheat” that would prevent players from really learning to play. Travis responds that although ChordBuddy may seem to be a cheat, it is also a quick method to learn and that users may remove sections of the gadget that they have learned, ultimately learning to play entirely without it. ChordBuddy is a simple learning tool for folks who want to learn the fundamentals of playing the guitar.

Travis states that learning to play with the ChordBuddy takes roughly two months, and he has a patent for a two-month learning system that includes a DVD that walks novices through every stage of the learning process for $49.95. Travis has reduced his manufacturing expenses to $7 per unit, down from $9 per unit before.

Travis could teach Robert how to play the guitar, Robert thought. Travis welcomed Robert up to the platform and assured him that he could teach him straight away. Travis instructed Robert on which buttons to hit and sang along with him, impressing the rest of the panel.

Travis tells the Sharks that in one month, he sold roughly $150,000 worth of ChordBuddies via online sales and by opening up shop in eight local music businesses in Lower Alabama. Travis has sold around $500,000 worth of ChordBuddy since its inception, and he now has 110 buy orders to complete.

Sounds, the nation’s biggest retailer with around 5,000 locations throughout the country, has issued him a buy order for 50 ChordBuddy devices for each store.

Travis claimed he needed the Sharks’ money to help fund the plant he’s developing in Alabama, emphasizing that ChordBuddy is created entirely of American materials and by American workers.

Kevin is pleased with Travis and his concept, but he believes the company’s price is incorrect. Kevin believes that the ChordBuddy will find a home in big music stores such as Guitar Center. He offers $125,000 in exchange for a 20% share in the company. He’ll also personally endorse ChordBuddy for a year, complete with an infomercial to promote the device.

Daymond informs Travis that he would be a better ChordBuddy partner and matches Kevin’s offer, advising him to make a choice quickly since the offer may not be available for much longer.

Mark is also pleased with ChordBuddy, particularly Travis’ determination to maintain his product’s manufacture in the United States. Mark is worried that Travis would be the only salesperson who would have to go to each distributor to show the product. As a result, he has decided not to invest in ChordBuddy and has dropped out.

Barbara believes ChordBuddy is a fantastic product, and Travis is a fantastic person who would have to sell himself in order to sell the product. She makes the same pitch as Kevin and Daymond, claiming that $50,000 of the money would be used to create an infomercial.

Robert informs Travis that he, like Travis, is a “redneck from Croatia” and that he is the only Shark in the Tank who wants to be a rock star but can’t play the guitar. He, too, offers $125,000 for a 20% stake in ChordBuddy, as well as $50,000 in escrow to create an infomercial.

Travis expresses his desire to work with Robert and accepts his offer, stating that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him and his family.

What Happened To ChordBuddy? After Shark Tank, There’s Life


With four of the five Sharks making virtually the same offer, it demonstrated ChordBuddy’s potential and profitability. Robert considers his partnership with Travis Perry on the ChordBuddy to be one of the finest investments he’s ever made.

ChordBuddy is still $49.95, and there are a variety of guitars that may be used with the learning system. ChordBuddy is now available for purchase on Amazon.

The basic device, as well as a selection of accessories, such as gift bags and tuners, are available on the ChordBuddy website. Travis also has a YouTube channel where he demonstrates how to use the ChordBuddy to perform certain songs.

The material in this article is offered only for educational purposes; Royal Pitch is not linked with ChordBuddy, Shark Tank, or any of its subsidiaries.

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