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5 Key Factors to Consider When Selecting an Expedited Service Provider

A critical piece of a logistics solution, expedited freight shipping, is prioritizing shipments to deliver them as quickly as possible. It’s relative, though: what’s considered “fast” is determined by the transportation company and the mode selected.

Whether clothing companies are trying to get the latest fashion trend on store shelves, automotive suppliers are delivering crucial parts, or medical equipment manufacturers are shipping replacement parts to hospitals, most businesses see worth in assured delivery.


Whether your business needs to ensure an event occurs on time or products are available on store shelves, reliable service is essential. This is why many organizations choose to utilize expedited shipping. This fast freight method can help keep shelves stocked and the economy moving even with supply chain disruptions.

In the logistics industry, it’s widely accepted that delivery reliability is more important to customers than delivery speed. This is because a customer’s perception of the value of service increases as the delivery reliability improves.

For these reasons, many organizations select 3PLs with extensive experience delivering quality service through expedited freight transportation. CRST Expedited, for example, provides expedited truckload services that include team driving and route optimization. This can significantly cut the number of transfers a shipment undergoes, increasing delivery reliability.


Your organization should consider the security policies of third parties and managed service providers (MSPs) it entrusts with sensitive information. These entities have been a significant infection vector for ransomware attacks, impacting organizations across multiple industries and sectors. Ensure these entities follow the best practices of cyber hygiene and have access to backups kept in a separate, protected environment.

The last thing you want is a disruption in your delivery process due to a security breach or other issue beyond your control. Check for an MSSP that offers support via dedicated communication channels and frequent, actionable security intelligence updates.

Offering premium rush shipping services is an excellent way to increase customer loyalty and improve your brand reputation. But a successful implementation requires the proper predictive planning and expert insights from 3PL freight transportation partners specializing in expedited services.


Shipping can be a significant expense, and the right logistics partner can help you streamline costs and increase delivery speed. The ability to provide fast, consistent shipping options demonstrates assurance of customer loyalty and can lead to higher sales in the long run.

Flexibility is the capacity of muscles, joints, and soft tissues to move through a wide range of motion without pain. Several studies indicate that flexibility is associated with lower health risks.

Managing expedited freight transportation like hazardous material transportation requires vital predictive planning and expert insights. There is no room for error when a shipment requires urgent and timely delivery. A slight misstep can create costly production delays and missed customer commitments. This type of freight delivery requires a 3PL company with expertise in expedited freight services.


Finding a business that only occasionally needs freight delivered in what feels like record time is hard. When this happens, a small business must be ready to respond with the right solution.

Adding expedited shipping options can increase customer loyalty and create valuable business opportunities. However, the decision to move freight quickly can come at a cost, so shippers must plan and have backup plans in place.

Finding a 3PL that offers the right technology solutions to manage exceptions can decrease processing times and give businesses more time to focus on their customers. They can also provide critical predictive planning to handle rush delivery demands. By doing so, they can ensure that their customers receive their products in the shortest possible time.


Expedite shipping costs vary significantly based on the package’s size, destination, urgency, and weight. Understanding these differences is essential to budget and forecasting for your business correctly.

Consider the pricing options offered by the company you’re considering working with. Some companies provide value-based pricing, meaning they charge a flat fee based on the benefits of their service. This can be an excellent option for businesses that want to give their customers peace of mind while keeping their expenses low.

Finding the right expedited shipping company can be challenging, but it’s essential to take the time to research your options. Look for a company that offers the services you need, has experience in the industry, and can meet your timeline and budget requirements.