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Buzz Cut

How to Give Yourself a Perfect Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is one of the simplest haircuts that you can do by yourself without the need of a stylist. This is because the process to make it is simple and neither is the maintenance of this haircut costly. This makes it perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

The buzz haircut will give you both a trendy and sharp look if it is done properly. The following are the steps to follow if you want to make a buzz cut.

1. Preparation

Before you begin the process of doing the buzz cut, you need to adequately prepare yourself. This means that you should get the appropriate tools and hair gel that will be used in the procedure. Ensure that you get a hair clipper that will be used to trim your hair.

Clippers are perfect for the buzz cut as they do not clog with hair during the entire shaving process. This makes clippers the most preferred tool for the buzz haircut compared to normal hair trimmers. Clippers are also easy to use even when the back of your head has contours.

2. Clean Your Hair

After you assemble all the tools that you need, it is time to wash your hair. Thoroughly clean your hair and scalp with shampoo and hair conditioner. This ensures that your hair is in its natural condition which is easier to shave. Ensure that no styling gel is left on your hair by rinsing it until the water coming off is clear.

Make observations on the scalp and take note of any scars or injuries. This is important so that you do not shave aggressively on those areas. If you spot such areas, be gentle with the clipper when shaving.

3. Start Buzzing

If it is your first time, ensure that you are extra careful because once the hair is removed, it cannot be fixed back. Keep in mind the hair size or in other terms the buzz size. Take your time and be steady with the clipper. Pause and observe if the buzz looks exactly like you expected it to be.

You should always shave against your hair grain. This means that you should cut your hair in the opposite direction in which it lies. This is because shaving in the direction in which the hair is aligned can leave some long hairs.

Start with the hair on the sides of your face towards the center of your head. Once you reach the back of your head, you can make a slight fade. You should ensure that your clippers are clean at all times.

You should be extra careful when shaving the top of your head. Make front and back movements using your clipper to ensure that you get all the hair that is swirly. Make side movements to ensure that all the hair is evenly shaved.

Once you have shaved the whole head, pause and check if the buzz is of the size that you want. If not, change the guard size and repeat the entire process. Check if you left any long hairs on the top or back of the head and cut them off with a pair of scissors.

4. Make a Fade And Clean Up

The last step when making a buzz cut is making a fade and then cleaning up. If you are interested in a fade, then you can make it on the sides of your head. This ensures that your buzz cut is highlighted properly.

After making the fade, it is time to clean up. Firstly, you need to clean your clippers. This is done by using a little oil on a soft brush or a spare toothbrush. Softly run the brush on the guards. Do not rinse the clipper using water as this could damage it.

Use warm water to clean your head but the water shouldn’t be too hot. Use shampoo and conditioner to thoroughly clean the scalp. Use a moisturizer to oil your buzz to prevent your scalp from drying up. When choosing the products to use make sure the ones you choose don’t affect your scalp as different hair products react differently.