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How To Increase Business Productivity

How To Increase Business Productivity

Why do some teams thrive while others are unmotivated and unproductive? Improving the productivity of your team is essential for your overall business growth. It may be normal for employees’ productivity to fluctuate from time to time. However, if your team’s unproductivity becomes chronic or if it leads to frequent mistakes and low-quality outputs, then it’s time to rethink your team’s workflow. This is especially true in this post-COVID era when there are too many changes in the workforce business climate.

When it comes to creating a productivity plan, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. As a manager, you need to tune in to your team’s needs as well as your company’s goals. To help guide you through this process, here are some tips on how to increase your team’s productivity.

Equip Your Team With The Right Tools

Technological advancements have accelerated post-pandemic. Now more than ever, there is a wealth of productivity tools that are available in the market. Tools such as ClickUp, Slack, Asana, Todoist, and Airtable can help your team stick to deadlines and communicate smoothly with each other. Click here to see the list of Asana competitors. Managing a remotely working team means you also need to put in the extra effort of making sure that they’re staying productive. You can use tools such as RescueTime and Timedly to increase their productivity.

Remove Time-Wasting Activities

When it comes to handling a team, always ensure you’re able to create an environment that promotes productivity. You can do this by removing activities that distract them from their work. Long meetings are at the top of the major time-killing activities. So you have to ensure that you only hold meetings that are essential and invite the members who are part of the project. Set clear topics to discuss in the meeting and limit to a maximum of 15 minutes.

Review Your Team’s Efficiency Regularly

Conduct daily check-ins to hold your employees accountable for their tasks. If daily is not applicable, make sure to do it as regularly as necessary. This activity gives you an overview of what is on each team member’s plate. This is perfect as well for those employees who may be feeling a little overloaded as you can assign some of their tasks to other team members. Not only does this increase business productivity but it also establishes the fact that you value your team’s wellness.

Provide Clear And Realistic Goals

Be clear and concise when giving instructions.  Put all of the details per task in your preferred project management tool. When setting deadlines, always ask your team members what is currently on their schedule and when is the realistic timeframe for them to accomplish a task. 

Delegate Tasks When Possible

As a business owner, you are probably faced with situations wherein your in-house team can no longer accommodate the barrage of tasks that are coming their way. When this happens, consider delegating tasks. You can use virtual assistant services to increase efficiency. Outsourcing gives you the option to hire virtual assistant services either as a full-time remote worker or only for the duration of the task or project that you need help with. Virtual assistant services can be used to delegate tasks such as clerical tasks, cold-calling, lead generation, marketing, customer service, and much more.

Virtual assistant services allow you to leverage the low labor costs of other nations. Partnering up with the right VA is essential. However, the vetting process can take a long time. Entrusting your VA search to virtual assistant companies is a cost-efficient solution. Virtual assistant companies like Virtudesk handle the recruitment, background check, and training of VAs. It doesn’t stop there. With Virtudesk, for example, they monitor their VAs while they’re working for their clients through the use of a time-tracking and screen-sharing app. Not only that, they have account managers who serve as liaisons between the clients and the VAs. This person can be tapped for any requests that a client may have about their hired VA. Lastly, partnering up with virtual assistant companies means that you can write this off as a business expense.